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Mr. Atomic (Julian)

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Speed

SPEED Power Point By: Julian Mendoza FIN What is Speed? - When one thinks about speed, they picture quickness, or the act of moving fast, but speed is really the object's distance that was traveled in a specific amount of time.

So, speed can be in something that is:
- Very fast
- Or very slow

- As long as the object takes time to go a distance, it has a speed How is Speed Measured? - Speed can be measured by dividing the distance the object traveled, by the time it took to cover that distance

- The equation is: Distance Speed = Time - The SI unit of speed is also distance over time. So for example, in 8 km/s, km is the distance, while s is the time, therefore km/s is the unit. What Can Measure Speed? -Besides using an equation to calculate speed, there are devices that can easily tell you the speed at which something moves Examples of these are:

- Radar Guns = devices that use radar technology to sense how fast an object passes - Digital Speedometers = which give an estimate of how fast, the vehicle you are in, is moving. -Anemometers = a tool that rotates with the wind, and then uses a scale to measure wind speed Average Speed - Average speed is the total distance covered by the total amount of time

- The equation to get Average Speed is: Total Distance Average Speed = Total Time - So if a car takes 5 seconds to go 15 km, then 5seconds to go 25km its speeds would be 3 & 5km/s. But, its average speed would be 4 km/s Instantaneous Speed & Consistency Then Suddenly... - Speed is almost never consistent in moving objects - Since speed is rarely consistent, we also have instantaneous speed - Instantaneous speed is the speed of an object at any instant in time - While average speed involves the total, instantaneous speed involves just a specific part of time... - ... hence the word instant, in instantaneous speed Speed Vs. Velocity What is the Difference? - While speed is the distance covered in an amount of time

- Velocity is the distance covered in an amount of time, in a certain direction

-Direction is the only thing that differs from speed and velocity, but it is direction that makes a significant difference
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