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Fashion Club's ideas

Bodwell High School

Caitlin Dang

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Fashion Club's ideas

"Bring together a group of people who share the same passion and ambition towards fashion while expanding creativity"Ư
What will we do exactly
Anything and everything that involves fashion, whether it's planning a school event, sketching, DIY projects, making jewelry or even going to local events, we're here to have fun and do the things we love.
5. Members will be prepared with an amount of knowledge about fashion and a complete portfolio for applications to the School of Fashion of any university.
6. Develop teamwork skills and other important working skills.

1. DIY projects is something Fashion Club is being based off of. We want everyone to complete activities that they can have for everyday use (i.e: tote bag), we're also going to learn how to make bow-ties and scarfs, activities for any skill level.
2. Go on a shopping or trend-spotting trip.
3. Fashion studies (history, research trends, promotions, etc.)
4. Having guest speakers (found from retail stores as a buyer or merchandiser, manager, and magazine/newspaper staffs, etc.)
5. Style guidance.
(etc. Ideas will be added regularly by the time we have an official club and members).
Fashion club
1. A Fashion mini show.
2. A Fashion contest.
3. Educational field trip (Attend a real, well-organized fashion show, or a runway show).
4. Important goals for students willing to work in the Fashion industry in the future.

Fundraising is not a necessary requirement for the club. However, in order to operate the club and be able to organize some public activities, raising fund is essential.
Ways to raise fund:
- Each member is expected to pay $15 for the entire semester for necessary supplies and the remain will be saved for completing goals.
- Make and sell crafts.
- Organize a bake sale.
- Sell candy bars.
- Have a car wash.

Not only will the money go to our late on projects but also help with donating for voluntary purposes.
"Think cheap, or even better, free!"
on the school and within the community.
In school:
- There will be more activities as well as excited events.
- Students will have a supporting teams for each specific event when they need to take care of their appearances from the make-up to the outfits.
- Making Bodwell become a more interesting and attractive school to international students who are into art/fashion since there are not many schools in Canada as well as the United states having Fashion club (as I have researched).
- Creating a place to benefit special abilities and share passion.
In community:
- Willing to help out with any social public activities related to art/fashion.
- Learning from real experiences.
Some information based on existed Fashion clubs worldwide and from fashionclub.com
by Caitlin Dang
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