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Convection Currents/Sea Floor Spreading Presentation

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Aubrianna Mitchell

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Convection Currents/Sea Floor Spreading Presentation

Convection Currents/Sea Floor Spreading Presentation
Where does Convection occur?
It occurs inside the Mantle of the Earth or the Ashenosphere.

Which scientist(S) discovered convection currents?
Lycurgus and his assistant were the first to discover convection currents by mapping out different points on a graph of coordinates by which the currents had up most strength.
Arthur Holmes pioneered the use of radioactive dating of minerals and was the first scientist to grasp the mechanical and thermal implications of Mantle convection.

How do the convection currents move at a convergent boundary? Divergent boundary? Transform boundary?
Convection: The plate movement goes inward or together.
Divergent: The Plate movement goes apart or opposite way.
Transform: A mixture of Convection and Divergent... One of the plate movements coming inward and the other going outward.
How do convection currents relate to sea floor spreading?
Both are caused by heat and stress(tension), magma rises on the ocean floor and cools to form a new sea floor.
Which scientist(s) discovered seafloor spreading?
Harry Hess- The idea that the sea floor itself moves as it expands from a central axis.
What is a Convection?
Convection is the movement caused within a fluid by the tendency of hotter and therefore less dense material to rise, and colder, dense material to sink under the influence of gravity, which results in transfer of heat(process of transferring heat through air). Convection cannot occur in the absence of molecules.
Why does convection occur?
Heated air molecules vibrate and strike other molecules impacting their energy to them. Other bodies nearby will become heated by the vibrating molecules. in this way heat is transferred between two bodies.
How does sea floor spreading relate to index fossils?
In the sea floor the older rocks will be found farther away from the spreading zone and younger rocks will be found near the spreading zone. Index fossils, the older fossils will be found in the oldest layer of rock and the younger fossils will be found in the layer closest to the Crust.
Is sea floor spreading caused by convection currents?
Yes, convection currents are created by the heat rising from the Core into the Mantle. Then heat builds up and tries to escape at the weakest point, the plate boundaries when molten material rises up at the divergent plate boundaries of the mid-ocean ridge, new sea floor is formed and the old sea floor is pushed out father out to the sides.
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