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Leadership Portfolio

Monique Duncan, Fall 2012

Monique Duncan

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of Leadership Portfolio

Conclusion Monique Duncan
Jane Smith
November 27, 2012 My Vision Statement Experience Profile My Leadership Portfolio My vision as a leader is to not only climb the tree of success, but also help others get to the top of the tree as well. I believe a leader is an individual who is able to set aside the competition and bring a group together, so that everyone is able to flourish their talents. The best leaders are the ones who not only think of themselves, but also the well being of the people being led.

My competitiveness lies in the idea that I want to be the best there is and by that I mean I want to be able to establish my talents while also helping others to establish their own. My goal is to become the queen of hospitality by being the ultimate event planner. I would like to provide events that inspire the attendees to go out and create their own sense of enchantment at home. I will start off first in the hotel industry and learn from the best public event coordinators. I plan to then personalize my brand by creating a boutique event planning company that not only plans events from here at home, but also plan travel parties so that Americans, especially African Americans can go out and see the world and explore what is past their front door steps. My current leadership experience starts with where I spend most of my time outside of school, at work. I work at the Gwinnett County YMCA as a kidzone teacher. My job requires me to spend time with children between the ages of 6 weeks and 6 years. My work has made my leadership resume quite diverse since my followers are essentially 1/4 my age. I consider my job to be extremely important because I spend every other day with lawyers, doctors, politicians, and ambassador in their early stages. That is right, my kids are tomorrow’s leaders and I am responsible for interacting with them in a way that provides a foundation of greatness. I use leadership by creating activities that allow my children to become independent and learn useful skills. During my past year I have taught children to read, complete puzzles, add and subtract and most of these children were 4 years old. I have learned through this job that consistency, patience, and a positive attitude go a long in inspiring others to do their personal best. Social Change Leadership Development Plan As an authentic leader, I live life through my past experiences. Most of my influences and ways of thinking come not from individuals around me, but from what I have lived through, good, bad and ugly. As an authentic leader, my strength is in providing genuine experiences that uplift others. My greatest contribution is as an organizer of events. I can plan, create, and implement functions that can reach the masses. I plan to continue with my commitment in Spelman’s Event Envoy, to provide gathering for the Spelman community whether fun or empowering. I will also continue to plan events for family and friends in order to help them create lasting experiences.
After Spelman, I want to learn from experience hotel event coordinators. However, I would like to travel the world, so I plan use the hotel industry as my platform to see the world and learn from leaders in my industry from different cultural perspectives. Values My top 10 values include:
• Honesty
• Spirituality
• Tolerance
• Patience
• Respect
• Cultural consciousness (Diversity)
• Trustworthiness
• Simplicity
• Responsibility
• Sensitivity
• Moxy (Risk-taking)
I first went about creating my list by looking at other peoples list of values. Through looking at their values and my critiques of them, I was able realize what is most important to me. After finding the ten most important to me, I then looked up quotes for each value. Based on the quote that was most important to me, I ordered my list. My Future As mentioned before, my passion is in the detail. Through a lot of thought and understanding of risk, I know planning events is where my passions lie. My greatest ability is in keeping calm and organizing some of the most disastrous situations. When everyone around me is in a panic, I have the ability to provide relief and comfort. This can come in handy when a bride is worried before walking down the aisle or a mother cannot contact the baker delivering her baby’s 1st birthday cake an hour before the party starts. I was made for providing platforms for memories to be created through my events. During my next 1 ½ at Spelman I want to find a job with a hotel company that will allow me to learn under an event coordinator even if it is in my free time. Post graduation, I would hopefully be able to transfer outside the country and start my career in meeting and event planning under the same company. In the next 10 years I want to see the world while learning my craft and eventually settle down in a country of my choosing and starting my own event planning boutique. Leadership Gram Honesty • Spirituality • Tolerance • Patience • Respect • Cultural consciousness (Diversity) • Trustworthiness • Simplicity • Responsibility • Sensitivity • Moxy (Risk-taking)
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