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Mobile Carts Procedures

No description

Tan Teck Wei

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Carts Procedures

SSOE Mobile Carts
By Victor Tan =) Once the slot you booked is confirmed, the details will be keyed into the Mobile Cart Booking Calendar in Icon. The calendar is invisible to all teachers except SH/ICT, ICT Exec and myself. You will only receive a notification mail that confirm your booking.

If you wish to cancel the booking, you can let me know through the same communiation channel. The cart keys will be given to you. There are forms underneath the shelf of every carts. They are for you to sign in & out and students to write their names according to the laptop number they are being issued to. Keep the form with you until lesson ends.

If you encounter any technical issues, do call me up. - Ensure that the laptops were shut down Properly.
- Lock up the cart and push it back to location. (If I am not available to get back to you.)
- Return the cart keys & form to me for filing & statistic records. No Log On Server Your students might encounter this error as shown below. There are two ways to resolve this issue.

- Ensure that the Wireless button is switched on (White for On, Orange for Off.)
- If it is on, restart the laptop. Account Locked Out Yours students may have keyed in incorrect password for 7 times.

For this issue, please approach the General Office or any ISAC Coordinators to request for password reset. Location of the Mobile Carts Confirmation Using the Mobile Cart After Usage The location of the Mobile Carts are split into 3 carts at every level, except for level 4 Classrooms.

The carts will be fully charged 1 day in advance to ensure that the batteries are able to last for your lesson. Before using the Mobile Cart - Booking of Mobile Carts are available through LMS Booking System.
- Recommended 2 days in advance (Minimum 1 day) for booking.
- The following details must be provided in the Instructions Field.
- Class
- Location
- Time
- Number of laptop use (Optional) Level 1 - Black Box (Between Library and LAC) Level 2 - Outside Printing Room Level 3 - Department Meeting Room Common Log In Issues Sometimes students might encounter errors when logging on to Windows. Here are the common issues... Unable to Change Password Your students will most likely encounter this message, when their password is reset or it is their first time logging on to Windows.

For the ease of use, advise the students to change only the only number in the password as the password policy applies for both teachers and students.

For Example, 'Password1' changed to 'Password2' or 'Password3' or any number. THANK YOU!!! QUESTIONS??? A sneak preview of the Mobile Cart Booking Calendar...
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