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black hole presentation

Sylviya Ganeshamoorthy

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of BLACK HOLES

Black Holes A Cosmic Mystery What is a Black Hole? First Discovery of Black Holes The Point of No Return
(The Event Horizon) Jet Plumes First evidence found in 1971
x-ray binary star Cygnus X-1
studied effect on companion star
mass was too high to be a neutron star imaginary line formed as star further collapses
time on star slows relative to distant observer
time stops and star cannot collapse anymore
once crossed, there is no escaping Jets of particles travelling at nearly the speed of light No-one has conclusively
proven that black holes
actually exist! The origin of the black hole idea Most of what is known
about black holes are
implications of
mathematical equations! John Michell and Pierre-Simon Laplace Developed theory of relativity
Showed us that light IS affected by gravity
Didn't actually predict them Provides solution to general relativity which implied existence of black holes 1784 1905 1916 Both independently described the concept of a black hole
First to do so Albert Einstein Karl Schwarzschild Accretion Disks Effects of Strong Gravity EVIDENCE
EXIST July of 2008
Dust and ionized gas particles around the black hole blocked accretion disk
Makoto Kishimoto and team used polarized filter to solve problem
gathered evidence for existence of black hole
Identified emission spectrum of the black holes matched theoretical predictions
gravitational lensing (light deflection)
gravitational waves X-ray Binaries black hole in orbit with fusion powered star
center of gravity lies in atmosphere of star
gas flows from star to black hole
forming disk and lighting up black hole Why do they occur? Hypothesis Observation Hypothesis
Supported! black hole's huge mass distorts surrounding space-time
twists magnetic fields into coils
coils propel material out Found evidence of particles following a corkscrew path (coiled) away from black hole Black Hole Information Paradox White Hole Interesting Black Hole Concepts Stephen Hawkings contributions
Black hole eventually evaporate (proven by Hawkings-Hawking Radiation)
follows principle of quantum mechanics
E=mc^2 --> decrease energy = decrease mass
what happens to information?
Hawkings says its destroyed
Goes against physics Kerr Black Holes (1967) prosulated by Roy Kerr
star collapses with rotating ring of neutrons at center (not singularity)
Possible to travel through black hole without being crushed! possible to enter Kerr black hole and exit through white hole
pushes everything through some form of negative energy
possible to travel through space time A Black Hole could be a: Object with mass that takes up space
Time traveling funnel
Or more..... That is why it is .... THANKS FOR WATCHING! Parts of a Black Hole Black Holes contains Another Universe After black hole dispersal, information doesn't disappear
Gushes out to another universe
May be how our universe started
If singularity, different form, same energy
If wormhole, matter gushes out of white hole
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