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Allusion: Cain & Abel

No description

Kasey M

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Allusion: Cain & Abel

Allusion: Cain & Abel
The Story
Brothers Cain and Abel
Cain is a farmer
Abel is a shepard
Cain and Abel bring gifts to thank God
Cain brought fruit
Abel brought a lamb
God favors Abel’s sacrifice
Cain becomes angry and blames Abel
One day Cain kills Abel with a rock.
The Lesson
Jealous can easily overtake us
The progression of sin can lead to punishment
Don't blame others for our wrongs
Allusion in Lion King
Sibling rivalry
Jealousy vibe
Scar kills his brother Mufasa
Killed in order to be king and gain power
Allusion in East of Eden
Children named Cal and Aron
Personalities match with Cain and Abel
Cal becomes angry and kills Aron
Adam, the boys’ God, refused Cal’s gift of money
Loved Aron more than Cal.
Distinguishing Characteristics
Murdering of brother
Envy/Jealousy of siblings
Betrayal towards someone
Sibling rivalry
Archetype of Cain and Abel
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