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Ione Collins: The Ninja Master

Nia Aguinaldo #1 Period 1

Nia Aguinaldo

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Ione Collins: The Ninja Master

Ione Collins: The Ninja Master by Nia Aguinaldo #1 STATUS: THE COLLINS RESIDENCE “Ione! You’re gonna be late for school! Wake up!” Mrs. Collins yells as she tries to wake up her daughter from the kitchen. Ione groans and falls over her bed because of how tired she is. She finally gets up like a normal person and does her morning routine. As Ione tries to find what top to wear, she hears something. Something that she has never heard before. It almost sounded like a whisper that said, “Come...Ione...” She felt something tap her shoulder, then she immediately took a hanger garment and threw it across the room! But there was nothing there. Ione threw the hanger garment so hard, it got stuck in the wall. She felt kind of weird because she got a D in karate class and she knew that she sucks at throwing. “That was weird?” But Ione carried on, got ready, and went downstairs to eat breakfast. By the way, I just wanted to point out that ninjas are cool... Ione walks through the halls with her two best, and only friends, Amy and Janelle. “Oh my gosh! Did you hear what happened to Mrs. Gomez?!” Janelle cries as she checks the school blog on her iPhone. Amy and Ione reply, “What?!?!?” “She got in a car accident by some crazy drivers!” Janelle says hopelessly. “Aww, she was my favorite teacher! Mrs. Gomez only gave out homework every 2 weeks and she wasn’t harsh on any-“ Ione gets cut off as the 1st period bell rings. “Oh my gosh! We’re gonna be late!” Amy cries. The girls run off to their class and settle in. “Ok class, I hope you all studied for today’s math quiz on algebra and geometry. You all have 1 hour and 30 minutes. Please begin and NO talking! Talking means cheating, and cheating means detention. So, good luck!” Mr. Choi said as he writes, “NO TALKING” on the advanced smart board. The quiet and bored class started the hard test even though Ione thought it was really easy. In about 15-20 minutes, Ione was done with the test! “How are you done? It’s so hard!” Amy whispers. “It’s easy.” Ione whispers back. In Asian history, it’s kind of true that Asians can be very smart at math if you get good grades and worry about school the most. Ione has gotten straight A’s since kindergarten. Ione gets up from her seat and gives her test to Mr. Choi while he was drinking coffee and reading the school blog about Mrs. Gomez. “Thank you Ione. You may leave now, but here’s a hall pass so Principal Deeley doesn’t think you’re wandering around.” Mr. Choi says with a smile. Ione takes the pass and leaves the class with confusion because Mr. Choi usually lets his students turn in the test and sit back down. But Ione left anyway and walked to her locker which was right around the corner. STATUS: EAST McCLAIN HIGH SCHOOL Before Ione could put back her math books, she hears some foot steps that started quiet, and getting louder towards her. She hears another weird whisper echo through the hall, “Come here...Need you...you’re a...” Ione feels a sweat going down her arm as she looks around the hall with fright. “There has been weird things happening to me and I need to find out what’s going on!” Ione says to herself. She slams her locker closed and tries to approach the foot steps. Suddenly, she sees a tall shadow in the distance of the hall. Ione grabs a broom from an open janitor’s closet and approaches the shadow, steadily and alarmed. “Who are you? What are you?” Ione yelps. “I am not what you think I am, but I am a soul from your family past.” The shadow begins. Ione has a “Yeah right!” face and says, “Oh please! If you really are a soul, then how are you alive??” The shadow takes a step toward Ione and says, “Just listen. The FBI are planning to take your family and test you!” Ione slowly puts down the broom and cries, “At least tell me who are you and how would you know about my family?” The shadow gulps and replys, “My name is Phillip Collins. I was sent from the heavens to warn you and your family.” “And it’s bad that they wanna do a test on us?” Ione answers. “But, their target is you. They found out about your special feature you haven’t discovered yet. They’re managing to take your blood and give a few tests on some innocent citizens, to see if America will be happy with this.” Phillip continues as Ione keeps listening. “The Collins family is part of a very sacred trait: strength, honesty, and brain. You have ALL of those traits. “Now, are you up to the test of saving your family, America, and yourself?” Phillip asked. “Yes...YES! I will do what ever it takes to save them! Oooh, that sounded so heroic!” Ione cried with excitement. The school bell rang and Phillip grabbed Ione’s hand immediately and they magically transported to... *drum roll* The World of Ninjas. STATUS: WORLD OF NINJAS “Wow! What is this place?” Ione asked as she looks around the huge room. The World of Ninjas is bigger than The White House and Phillip knew that Ione would love it there. Also, he had faith in his great x15 grand daughter, that she would succeed to be a wonderful ninja. “Ione Collins, welcome to the wonderful world of ninjas. Where future and professionally trained ninjas can fight off evil villains and make Earth proud and happy.” Phillip said to impress Ione. “Wait a minute. Ninjas? I’m a ninja?” Ione asked with confusion. “Yes indeed! Our family was well known as the greatest ninjas of ALL time. The Collins are the reason why ninjas exist.” Phillip included. Ione bursted out, “COOL!” Phillip replied, “Let’s get down to business...” STATUS: THE FBI HEADQUARTERS “We lost the connection to the target!” one of the FBI agents, Ryan yells. Jade, another agent walks by, “What? We’ve been keeping track of her for over 3 months! How could we possibly loose the connection?!” “Well, I’ve been watching her while she was at East McClain High talking to herself in the middle of a hallway and she just, POOF! Disappeared without doing anything!” Ryan says as he tries to get the connection back. “Hey guys! I’m getting something!” a computer specialist, Kevin yells. Ryan and Jade rush over to Kevin’s desk. “Where is she?!” Jade asks. Kevin replies, “She’s somewhere over the Pacific Ocean on an island that hasn’t been covered yet. This island is kind of small but the actual place she’s on is bigger than The White House!”

Ryan goes, “We need a map to that island! Get us a signal of her location!” “Ok, ok. Ummm, oh here! Ione is in a building called Ninjas 101,” as Kevin finds the locations, “and she is in a room on the 34th floor.” He prints out a few pages of the island and building and gives it to Jade. “OK, thanks Kevin! Ryan, get the helicopter and our best agents ready.” Jade orders. “On it!” Ryan replies and grabs a microphone to speak over the intercom. “Attention! Attention! All master first class agents, please report to the helicopter emergency level, ASAP!” Everyone starts rushing and preparing to find Ione Collins. Ione is dressed in a pitch black suit punching ninja dummies, swinging left to right on bars, and practicing advanced karate and marshall arts mixed moves. “HIYA! HIYA! HAIIIIIIIYAAAA!” Ione screams while taking a breather. “Outstanding job Ione! You’ve been practicing for 4 hours and you are a natural! Especially with the ninja stars.” Phillip proudly says. “Thank you great x15 grand father! I think I have a shot of saving my family, and America!” Ione says with confidence as if she was Wonder Woman. “Such positive attitude! Now, for your last test, you will face an obstacle course that 8/10 ninjas have died on!” Phillip guides Ione to the obstacle course, and Ione looks up sky high at the test! “Wow...” Ione whispers. “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in my entire life! It’s so intense.. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!” Ione cries with a tear falling down to the center of the earth. “Of course it is you little drama queen!” Phillip replies with sarcasm. Phillip explains how to go across the course, “Now all you have to do, is watch all of the obstacles that will be thrown at you. When I was your age, my trainer said to always watch your back!” “Got it! Always watch your back, always watch your back, always watch your- OW!” Ione fell and screamed when a dodge ball was thrown at the back of her head. Phillip picked up the ball, smiled and said, “Told you!”Ione gets up, breathes deeply and said, “Fine. I’ll worry about my back the most.” Ione was ready to start the final ninja test. Phillip counted down, “3, 2, 1... GO!” MEANWHILE AT THE WORLD OF NINJAS 3 MINUTES AND 27 SECONDS LATER Ione ran out of the course, grabbed a bottled water and said, “Phew! That was a great workout!” “I think you will make a fabulous ninja! Now, I need to check the other ninja-in-training people. You can stay here and practice the basics or advanced.” Phillip left the room while Ione started to practice. Jade looks at their map and points out the island, “There! There it is! Pilot, land on that island currently 12,000 feet down.” “On it!” The helicopter pilot obeys. The vehicle safely lands on the island and the highly trained agents immediately search the island. Ryan goes, “Don’t worry, this mission will be a piece of cake.” Jade and Ryan found the Ninjas 101 building and enter it. STATUS: HIGH IN THE SKY WITH FBI AGENTS “It’s so quiet and peaceful! Nothing could go wrong!” Ione says. Suddenly, over 30 FBI agents burst in the room and keep Ione armed as the target. Then Jade and Ryan both have ropes, grab Ione and tie her up to a chair. The room is full of FBI while Ione tries to get out of the ropes. “What are you doing?! I’ve done nothing wrong!” Ione screams at Jade. “I’m sorry sweetie, it’s just business.” Jade replies. Ryan said, “We’re just curious on how your, special feature of your blood works.” Ione yells at them as loud as a lion roaring, “NO! Whatever you want, you will NOT get!” Ryan replies, “Don’t worry! Nothing will harm you nor your fam-“ Jade cuts off Ryan, “Um Ryan, may I speak to you in private please?” Jade and ryan walk off and start talking seriously. Ione feels something a little sharp in her back pocket. It’s a ninja star! She just needs to start a riot and make sure the FBI will be afraid of her and worry about other crimes in America. IONE IN THE TRAINING ROOM Ione tries to get at least one star out of her pocket and throw it at an agents ankle. She prepares, she throws it and BAM! A star goes through an agents ankle. Ione managed to get out of the ropes and fight off the agent! POW! BOOM! WATANG! WATA! Ione fought off nearly 25 agents in 30 seconds! She wanted to save the worst for last: Ryan and Jade. The rest of the agents were dead or wounded in 10 seconds. Ione sprinted off like a cheetah to Ryan and kicked his face. He tried to fight back but Ione kicked his face so hard, Ryan almost lost an eye! He fell on his knees, to the ground and didn’t move. That was 31/32. Jade was next. “Oh please! You’re just a 16 year old! I’m 35! There’s no way you could possibly defeat-“ Jade got cut off because Ione was being cool and rabbit kicked the places you don’t wanna be rabbit kicked! “Ione!” Mrs. Collins and Phillip yelled when they ran in the room. “Oh we’re so proud of you!” Mrs. Collins cried. Phillip goes, “I gave your mom a quick ride just to see how wonderful you are!” “Aww! Thanks guys! I’m really proud to embrace the REAL inner me!” The 3 hugged each other as Ione smiled with victory and confidence. Remember, you can accomplish anything, as long as you believe in your closest pals, and yourself. YTF YTF YTF About 3 minutes later...
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