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No description

Kara Bray

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Jamestown

Difficult Time:
Hot, Mosquitoes, Disease, and Hunger

Jamestown was saved by
John Smith:
1. Made Colonists work

2. Made alliance with Powhatan Indians: Food and Safety

Colonists Founded Jamestown in
144 Settlers
First Permanent English colony in New World
Jamestown Settlers: Gold Diggers
"He that will not
work shall not eat"
-John Smith
"The Starving Time": 1609 - 1610
What saved the colonists?
Why even go to

Promise of Wealth:
Other Resources
1609: John Smith went back
to England
1609 - 1610: Colonists struggled
1. Really cold winter
2. Not much food:
Powhatan stopped providing food
3. 540 out of 600 settlers died
Tobacco saved the colonists!!

Easy to grow in Virginia
and made lots of money

Early English Settlements:


1585: Sir Walter Raleigh landed in
present day Virginia and N. Carolina
and named the entire area Virginia
after Queen Elizabeth;
Sent a Colony to Roanoke.

1590 Roanoke Colony disappeared
without a trace. CROATOAN was carved into a tree
What happened to the colonists at Roanoke?
What happened to the Roanoke Colonists?
What happened to the Roanoke colonists?
What happened to the Roanoke colonists?
Came to America for
religious freedom
from the Church of England

Pilgrim =

all males aboard ship signed document
Set up government
Key step in development of democratic government in America

1621: First Thanksgiving feast
with Wampanoag Indians

someone who goes on a religious journey
Sailed on the Mayflower
Meant to go to Virginia, but got off target
Landed in November 1620
Mayflower Compact:
Mayflower Compact:
Native Americas helped the Plymouth settlers survive
Natives taught them to grow beans, corn, and pumpkins
Theory #1:

They were murdered by the
neighboring Indians from
Croatoan Island.
Theory #2
They moved in with the
Indians on Croatoan Island.
Theory #3:
They drown at sea.
Theory #4:
The Spanish attacked and
captured the colonists and
blamed it on the
Croatoan Indians.
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