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Career Personality Types

No description

Suzanne Sanderspree

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Career Personality Types

Each person has preferences and interests that put them into a combination of the following 6 career personality types.
When people work in a career that fits their personality type, they are likely to be happier and more productive!
Career Personality Types People in the Social category like to work with others, often teaching them new things to help them grow. They would usually rather work with people than objects or machines. Social Enterprising people like to start up and carry out business projects. They might enjoy leadership positions, making decisions and taking action to earn profits. Often these people enjoy competition. Enterprising People in the conventional category tend to enjoy work that has set routines and procedures. These people like working with information and details and would enjoy clerical or numerical work. Conventional People in the realistic category like work that is practical and hands-on and often have mechanical abilities. This can include work like building, repairing or working outdoors.
Realistic types would often rather work with things than work with people. Realistic People in this category are very curious and like work that has to do with ideas or thinking. They find value in learning theory and using analytical skills. Investigative People with artistic interests value creativity, imagination and working with the arts. They enjoy work that can be done without following a set of rules.Artistic people value originality. Artistic Some Careers:
Some Careers:
-Child Care
-Human Services Some Careers:
-Business Administration
-Government & Public Administration Some Careers:
-Pharmacy Technician
-Payroll Clerk
-Business Administration
Some Careers:
-Food Science
-Veterinary Sciences Some Careers:
-Drama & Dance
-Visual Arts
-Graphic Design
-Interior & Fashion Design Finding your personality type is the first step to finding a great career! Next Stop-
"My Next Move"
http://www.mynextmove.org/explore/ip 'The Thinkers' 'The Doers' 'The Organizers' 'The Persuaders' 'The Helpers' 'The Creators' Today's P.P.P
To explore your career personality type
Use group discussion and O'Net interest profiler to explore different career areas
The more you know about your career interests the more prepared you will be to make informed decisions about your education and get a great job you love!
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