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I air Platform official

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Julian Qui

on 24 June 2016

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Transcript of I air Platform official


Our Technology is being described in Physics Forums as
“The Advanced Digital Technology of the Future”.
By 2010 personal transportation devices will be all the rage and electric shoes with built-in roller-skates will be gaining much of the attention. After nine years of heavy media coverage, the Segway Human Transporter will begin to gain serious market share.

By 2015 traditional gas-powered autos will start to decline with electric automobiles and hybrids taking up most of the slack.

By 2020 we will see an industry being built up around self-illuminating highways – highways that glow in the dark. “Glow Roads” will dramatically change the night-time aesthetics of major cities and will be shown to improve driving safety at night and reduce the need for streetlights.

By 2025 a first attempt at launching the space elevator will fail, setting the industry back a decade.

By 2050, the cost of the average vehicle will be under $5,000 in today’s dollars.

By 2050, because of the use of automated navigation systems, traffic courts will be a distant memory.

(Pending Approval)

1) Air platform application #14/857,717
2) Multicopter AirTrain application#14/698,261
3) Air Train application #14/173,165

Market Opportunity

i Air Platform is in the Air Power Technology Business, a technology that has been underdeveloped until now.

This technology will naturally tie in with the
Transportation, Aerospace, Military and Clean
Energy Sectors, all Multi-Billion Dollar Industries.

Air Technology is already being used under very limited conditions and subject to environment conditions.

iAir Platform will solve many problems the world currently faces, such as Accessibility; i.e. Wildfire zones, Diablo Wind zones, Flood Zones, Disaster Areas, in these cases, platform technology can be adapted to deliver Water, Act as a giant Fire Hydrant with Automated Controls to spray water or chemicals to put out fires, controlled remotely without risking Human Life, Deliver Supplies or Rescue People in Disaster Zones where vehicles are not able to access and helicopters have difficult performing rescue missions.

Problem & Solution
DoD ; a flying platform that operates lower than typical aircraft (5,000 to 40,000 feet) can avoid aircraft radar and transport equipment, supplies and more from one site to another, controlled remotely removing the human life risk factor.

Efficiency; at iAir Platform our goal is to develop a product that aims for efficiency, using renewable power technologies as much as possible. The more pollution producing processes and methods are removed from use and replaced with new sustainable and renewable resources all over the world, the faster we can contribute to the recovery of our planet.

Futuristic Past
Our Vision
of The Future
Vehicles with zero ground friction and true form
of ground effect power will define new transportation in the future.

The Air Platform

Frictionless Movement Technology based on a Controlled Air Platform.

Controlled by the same devices we use now.

Currently there is no known competitor that is developing this technology at our level (commercial)

We are creating our own Market & Supplement Market to Existing ones.

Our Platform is PATENT PENDING.

Zero ground friction through ground effect, resulting in ultimate flexibility.
Competition Advantages
Work Class Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions Firm.

•20+ Years with a Successful Track Record
•Product Development
•Executive Services
•Human Resource Solutions

Currently Partnered with a World class Parts Specification, Design, Development & Production Firm
Strategic Partnerships
Brian Uitenbogerd
President & CEO

University of Wisconsin River Falls, BS Degree
Flight Engineer-Turbo Jet and Basic
Commercial Pilot Multi Engine & Flight Ground Instructor Airplane
Former United States Marine Corps Transportation Officer
Published Author, Brian's Perception of the World, "We are all one!
Chris Sanchez
Business Operations Manager

Degree in Business Information Systems
Professional Career in Sales & Business Development (Ground up)
GOV & Commercial Contract Background
Extensive Binational Network in Business Solutions & Relations
Norman Dowling
Chief Financial Officer

Degree in Commerce, University College Dublin, Ireland
CFO at Osage Exploration & Development, Inc., Oil Exploration company with Operations in Oklahoma & Colombia.
Executive VP & CFO of The Active Network, Inc., completing 23 acquisitions and 3 private equity rounds over $165M.
VP of Finance at PETCO Supplies Inc., active while company transitioned to private through leveraged recapitalization and reemerged as a public company.
In addition to Senior Financial Positions, Mr. Dowling’s experience includes over 6 years with Ernst & Young in audit assurance & management consultancy roles.
Manuel Crosthwaite
Project Development

Information Technology Degree
20+ years in Software Development Field Project Management in GOV and Private Industry
Specialized in Agile Development Methodologies
Mario Zamorano
Marketing & Media Manager

+10 Years in Entrepreneurship
Specialize in Design & internet Marketing
Company Image Development
Public Relations
Paola Larios
Administration Officer

General Office Administration experience
Professional Translator (English-Spanish)
Extensive AP/AR experience
Client relations
Physicist Roberto Salas
Scientific Advisor

Specialist in the areas of Thermofluids, Aeronautics, Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences.
Extensive Experience in Semi-Classical and Classical Modelings of Diffusive Phenomena.
Currently Modeling a Ground Effect Physical Model Congruent with New Transportation Strategies.
Additionally Developing a Model of Phase Transition in Solids as PhD Dissertation.
Mohamed Gamal
Project Manager

Design & Production Engineer - Ain Shams, Cairo, Egypt
Double European Masters Degree in Supply Chain & Purchasing Management - Audencia Nantes (France) & MIP (Italy)
International Certified Mechanical design by SOLIDWORKS, PROCEI & CANIETI
Practical experience in lean manufacturing, quality control, Six Sigma, Product design, automation, 3D scanning &printing
Prof. Carlos Cabrera
Scientific Consultant

Bachelor in Computer Science and Masters in Computer Engineering - Autonomous University of Baja California
Physical, Chemical, Biological & Satellite Data Processing Software Development
Computer Programming & Mathematics Undergraduate & Graduate Level Professor
Scientific Investigation & Oceanography research article participant & Author
Web & Desktop Tool Developer & Pilot for Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle
Currently Enrolled in Bio-technical Engineering Course.
Thank you, and Welcome to the Future
3 patents
Financial Performance
Series A Funding


Total Funding Requirement


Series A Pricing


Positive Operating Cash Flow :




13x R.O.I. Series A at Projected Performance

* Full business plan available under confidentiality agreement

Electronics Engineer specialized in oceanographic instrumentation and METOCEAN buoys with real time monitoring.

Integration and commissioning of meteorological, metocean and sea level monitoring stations in México, Cuba and Italy.

Senior engineer, responsible for the continuous operation and field services to four metocean buoys and 52 instrumented moorings on deep waters in the Gulf of México.

Participation in more than 50 oceanographic cruise campaigns for scientific research and services to the oil industry.

Former Engineer at the Physical Oceanography Department, in the Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education at Ensenada (CICESE).
By 2050, because of friction-free technologies and advances in material science, the average passenger vehicle will weigh less than 200 lbs.
By 2050, because of automation, far fewer pieces, and greatly reduced complexity the average manufacturing time for a vehicle will be less than one hour.
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