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Jim Ellsworth Resume


Jim Ellsworth

on 16 July 2014

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Transcript of Jim Ellsworth Resume

Jim Ellsworth

Product Designer
Problem Solving
Solving problems is - the inventive process
Passion compels me to strive forward
with great enthusiasm
Passion brings focus in a natural way.
Find your passion and live that.
Thank You!
My work is
my obsession

I fly
for fun

MITx, computer science, embedded systems, Aerodynamics
"this does not work quite right"
ruminating over the problem often
results in a bright idea
realize a customer need
Go to the field

76 Magoun Path, Marshfield, MA, 02050
your instincts
Be trustworthy
Trust in others, Collaborate
Our customers needs
the tools we work with
The structure of our teams
Processing biologics
has become my
life's work
Building value
by developing Products
and Intellectual Property
You have reviewed my general resume
for more detail
Please continue the presentation
Gained IRB approval for multi site comparative adipose, blood, and marrow processing study

Supported a clinical trial for Stroke using evoked potential Neurological monitoring at West Virginia University Emergency Department with Dr. Todd Crocco and Dr. Erica Shaver
Apple and MicroSoft, Office, Visio, powerpoint, project
Altium, circuit board
embedded controllers, Microchip, TI
Photoshop, aperture, picasa

I am 3D print capable, call me if you need a part 781-635-0728

Proof of principle and production prototypes

Light machining, lathe, bridgeport, grinder, drill

plastic solvents knowledge

have used cast urathanes, silicone molds

Electronic circuits, quick turn boards hand populated, wire and cable harnesses

I find it best to leave precision machining to the experts or use rapid prototyping, and modify prototypes parts as needed.
Electronic control systems
Mechanical devices
Biologics processing
blood warmers
lifting poles
suction systems
for blood salvage
single use devices
Work and school History Narrative
I've been employed doing something since the age of 15

The formative years
Dishwasher, High school was South eastern Regional technical, I worked for a year in Autobody, I served my country for 3 years as a track vehicle mechanic (Army),
Attended Sylvainia tech institute for a certificate in computer repair,
I was fortunate to work for a few years at a PC assembly shop in Foxboro called Elkim, The owner, Bill Jobski, put me thru each department, from shipping receiving, to quality, assembly, cabling, wave solder, and then spent time as his tech, assembling and trouble shooting electronic prototypes. Bill was a good mentor, 'Jim I have ladies on the line that are faster than you!' uhm, so time is important.
I stepped up my game.

Blood Borne Pathogens training
The business plans
Protecting Human Research Participants (NIH) training
Bachelor of Science
Electronic Systems Engineering
Keeping Current
FDA CFR 820.30 Design Controls
ISO 13485 Quality Management System
AAOS American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
ICRS International Cartilage Repair Society
Design2Part Design and contract manufacturing
MD&M Medical Design & Manufacturing
Dr. Robert Valari, Navy blood research center, Boston, MA, RF Hypothermia study
Dr. Bob Connolly, Tufts medical center, Boston, MA, small animal Hypothermia study
Dr. Pablo Rubinstein , Cord Blood Center, NY, Processing cord blood for storage
Dr. Aryeh Shander, Englewood, NJ, 10 patient intraoperative blood salvage study, filtration
Dr. Lisa Fortier, Cornell Univ. NY, Large animal, Cartilage repair study
Dr. Rory Todhunter, Cornell Univ. NY, Small animal, Critical Limb defect Study
Dr. Bob Alexander, Stevensville, Mt, Reconstructive surgery, stem cell grafting
Dr. Mike Scarpone, Steubenville, Ohio, orthopaedic, injection therapy, Microsurgical tools
Dr. Mark Distefano, Worcester, MA, Hair restoration, Injection therapy, follicle Grafting
Dr. James Ubertalli, Hingham, MA, Periodontics, Bone grafting
Dr. Roche, Pontiac Michigan, cosmetic, Lipoaspiration, Adipose tissue processing
Dr. Salzman, Louisville, KY, cosmetic, Lipoaspiration, graft transfer
Dr. Bob Jennings, Salt Lake City, UT, Adipose tissue grafting
Dr. Bob Mandle, Bioscience Research Associates, Cambridge, MA, Biologics processing
Dr. Sherwin Kevy, Center for Blood research, Boston, MA, Heamotology
Dr. Greg DeLange, Estetica Institute, Palm Beac, FL, Adipose tissue aspiration
Dr. Shawn Browning, Cytonics, Jupiter, FL, Adipose tissue processing
Dr. Kelly Erb, Strohl Medical, Weymouth, MA, Brain wave analysis
Trust in yourself, do not fear failure
Trust is the coalescing factor of the team
Build and earn trust
Testing is our window into reality
IEC 62304:2006 Medical device software life cycle
SolidWorks webinars
Work with the docs, observe cases, perform studies, competitive device testing.
Workshops, training customers
Expert witness
project management
direct reports
Product design
Seven years at Level 1 Technologies designing blood warmers and blood salvage devices, Now for the past 16 years at Harvest Technologies. Presently at for the past 3 years with Harvest Terumo. Harvest Technologies was a small start up for several years. We were the first to make available a point of care autologous biologics processing device. It was really the beginning of the practical point of care autologous biologics industry (with great growth potential and with many competitors coming into the fray.

I love inventing, designing, bringing products to life.

I work with electronics, analog and digital, some software. Mechanical, metals and plastics. Even optics which I found fascinating. Working with the docs both in the lab and the field with patients. All with compliance to the regulatory guidelines.

I often find myself on the weekends (when I'm not flying) customizing bikes, cars, and maintaining the flying machine...
SmartSuction rocks it!
to this day,
the best performing fluid warmer!
(in the world)
Wes Verkaart, concept and disposable
Jim Ellsworth, hardware
This platform catapulted the biologics market
name a pharmaceutical that does not have side effects. (if you can let me know, thanks)
For healing let's go back to evolution.
Autologous platelet and stem
cell concentrates, no side
Bone Grafting, you really need the whole gamish, a matrix, some growth factors, and stem cells. For practical use in the clinical setting you need the whole package - hydration, activation, delivery
non contact RF Hypothermia study with Dr. Robert Valari, Navy blood research center, Boston, MA
small animal Hypothermia study, Dr. Bob Connolly, Tufts medical center, Boston, MA
10 patient intraoperative blood salvage study with Dr. Aryeh Shander, Englewood, NJ
Critical defect Cartilage repair study with Dr. Lisa Fortier, Cornell Univ. NY, Large animal
Critical Limb defect Study, bone grafting, bone marrow cell concentrate with Dr. Rory Todhunter, Cornell Univ. NY, Small animal
Adipose tissue collagensase digestion for cell analysis, Biocontainment, with Dr. Bob Mandle, Bioscience Research Associates, Cambridge, MA
Comparative blood processing study, Bone marrow concentration study, sterility study with Dr. Sherwin Kevy, Center for Blood research, Boston, MA, Heamotology
I find myself so fascinated by
how the body works
When passion and skill work together the end result is often a master piece
I have been involved with
Patents in: electronic control systems, mechanics, optics, biologics processing
8,348,887 Hydrating Anhydrous Graft Materials
8,348,066 floating disk for separating blood components
8,282,839 floating disk for separating blood components
RE43,547 blood components separator disk
8,152,708 decanting centrifuge w sliding engagement decant ring and processing unit
7,922,972 method and apparatus for separating fluid components
7,699,766 decanting centrifuge with vibration isolation
7,547,272 blood components separator disk
7,520,402 sterile disposable unit
7,445,125 method and apparatus for separating fluid components
7,077,273 blood components separator disk
D488,233 sterile processing unit
6,663,586 system for the collection of blood without damage
6,342,048 system for the collection of blood without damage
6,325,422 filter bag and connector cartridge
5,707,431 vortex gas elimination device

Work and school History Narrative 2
Office machines repair shop manager and a boat repair company - I gained a customer service perspective.

Started upper level education to eventually gain my bacholors degree in Electronic Systems Design from Wentworth. During which time I worked in the telecom industry as a test technician, quickly moved into test engineering for a few years before going to the medical device industry.

Work and school History Narrative 3
Work and school History Narrative 4
I keep current taking online course such as MITx computer science and embedded design classes (aerodynamic and earth sciences as well)
Recently trained on;
study subject protection,
blood borne pathogens,
CFR part 820 quality systems and in particular - design controls.

Presently I am at Strohl Med working on a method of confirming stroke that utilizes somatosensory evoked potential testing comparing the differential response of the left and right hemispheres.
Work and school History Narrative 5
Doctors I've worked with
A couple of recent projects, 2004 Harley Road King and a 2004 Jeep TJ
MDG Medical Development Group Member
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