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The Big Field By Mike Lupica

No description

R Hida

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of The Big Field By Mike Lupica

The Big Field by Mike Lupica Critics Corner I liked this book very much. It really hooked me. I liked how the author knew about baseball and used facts in the book. Also, I liked how he gave Keith more than one problem to worry about. And I like how in the championship Keith made an error so it wouldn't seem like a fairytale ending. If i had to rate this book it would probably get a 7.5 or and 8. I strongly encourage people to read this book. Climax Keith shows up to practice early and saw his dad practicing with Darryl. This angered Keith because his dad never had time to practice with him but yet he found time to practice with Darryl who isn't even his son. Darryl quickly found out that it had upset Keith and started teasing him about it. Keith didn't let it bother him for a while, but Darryl was persistent and wouldn't let the subject drop. Soon, it was to much for Keith to handle. He dropped his glove and tackled Darryl down to the ground. Keith threw as many punches as he could until his dad pulled him off Darryl. as a result of Keith's actions he got suspended for the next game. Exposition and problem

Exposition: The three main characters were introduced to each other by playing on the same baseball team. Except Carl who is Hutch's dad.

Problem: In this story the problem is Keith wants to get his dad's attention but his dad keeps zoning him out and doesn't really care much about him. Rising actions Rising action 1: Keith introduces the problem that he and his father don't get along very well. All Keith wants to do is to make his dad proud of him on the baseball field and to spend some quality time with hid dad.
Rising action 2: Keith runs into Darryl after trying to catch a fly ball. Keith though that Darryl didn't call him off the ball. His teamates however, told him that Darryl called for the ball. Darryl thinks that Keith purposely ran into him. This increased the tension between them.
Rising action 3: When Keith And his team are practicing extreme infield, which is when if you are a runner and if the fielder is still on the bag when you are sliding you are supposed to take him out, Darryl purposely holds on to the ball when he fields the ground ball to let Keith get taken out on the bag Main Characters
Keith: Keith is a kid who loves to play ball and is very talented, but is overshadowed by someone else on his team. Keith is the protagonist in this story. Keith Hutchinson Darryl Williams Carl Hutchinson Darryl: Darryl is the best shortstop prospect since Alex Rodriguez. Darryl is very talented but is also cocky. As the story progressed his personality changes.
Carl (Keith's dad): Carl seems miserable whenever the topic of baseball comes up. He was the number one prospect in Florida at one time but injuries prevented him from getting to the big leagues. In the end, Carl's personality changes greatly. Carl is the antagonist in this story falling actions Falling action 1: Keith goes to the batting cages the night before the championship game to hit. He saw a person in there and was about to go back home until he saw it was his dad hitting. Keith had never seen his dad hitting and this motivated him for the next game.
Falling action 2: In the bottom of the 9th inning in the championship game, score tied 2-2, Keith bunts and gets on base. Then Darryl came up and hit a home run. Keith's team won the finals! About the author Resolution About the Author Characters Keith Hutchinson: Keith is a boy who loves to play baseball. He is very talented at it, but is overshadowed by someone else on his team. He is very static throughout the story and his attitude stays pretty much the same. Keith is the antagonist in this story.
Darryl Williams: Darryl is the best shortstop prospect in Florida since Alex Rodriguez. He is very cocky and loves to brag about himself. His attitude changes as the story progresses.
Carl Hutchinson: Keith's dad is someone who is very miserable about baseball. Carl used to be the best player in Florida. He made it into the minor leagues but he wasn't good enough to make it into the majors. Carl is very dynamic in this book because he has a big personality change towards the end. Carl is the antagonist i this story Keith Darryl Carl The resolution of this story is Keith and his dad are starting to get along better and finally bonding. Keith and Darryl do not hate each other now and they are actually friends. Keith's dad now practices with Keith regularly. Story's date I think this story is based of of modern day life because of the technology it has in it. It has batting cages and pitching machines. Also, The way people speak is an indicator that it is modern day. The biggest clue is that they called Keith's VCR out of date and old. I think this book is about in the year 2010 Mike Lupica currently lives in Connecticut with his three sons and one daughter. He coaches baseball, soccer, and basketball. Also, he is one of the most prominent sports writers in all of America. He began his newspaper writing career at age 23 for the New York Knicks. He became the youngest columist ever when he joined the New York Daily News. For more than 30 years he has published many magazines sports biographies, novels and non fiction books on sports. Other books he has published for young readers are Heat, Travel Team, Miracle on 49th Street, True and Summerball which have been on the New York Times bestseller list. Setting The setting takes place mainly on a baseball field but sometimes in Keith's neighborhood. The reason why it mainly takes place on the baseball field is because Keith loves baseball and that is where he wants to go everyday. Favorite part My favorite part is when Keith hit two home runs in one game and one was to win the game for his team. Home run one. Home run two. One Thing I would Change One thing i would change in this book is for the ending, not have Darryl hit a home run to win the championship. It seemed too predictable. I think the author should have had him hit like a ground ball through the infield and have a close play at home. Or he could have hit like a double, but a home run seems really predictable.
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