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Alberta Distance Learning Centre and Wolf Creek

No description

Gena Roach

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of Alberta Distance Learning Centre and Wolf Creek

Alberta Distance Learning Centre

Alberta Distance Learning Centre
A bit of history......
So how do I get started?
Let's talk about how to request a course and register students...
What are all the programs and what can I do with them?
Web Reg, Check Your Marks and D2L, OH MY!
Sample Courses
Here are some courses to take a look at....
Solutions for Schools
Wolf Creek has signed up for the Virtual School Solution...
Parts of Your Solution
Great, but what does all this mean?
More Sample Courses

What questions do you have for us?
ADLC was born as an experiment with mail-in-education

This experiment was successful and ADLC continued as part of the Alberta Government
1996 and 1997
In 1996, ADLC created and launched its first online course

In 1997, ADLC became part of the Pembina Hills Regional School Division, rather than part of the Alberta Government.
Present Day ADLC
We have over 250 courses spanning from grade 1 to grade 12. These courses include all core subjects and a variety of options.

Due to the budget last year, we now have different solutions that schools can choose from. These solutions outline what ADLC can provide.
What does this get you in Elementary and Junior High?
Free access to all of our online courses. Div 1 is all online, as is Junior High. All online courses include text-to-speech.

Access to the print courses that ADLC has developed

*Schools are expected to register their students with us and report an end
of year mark.
What does this get you in Senior High?
Contracted Services
ADLC marks and teaches the course

Jr High and Elementary pays tuition because funding did not change. School gets 100% funding, ALDC gets 56%

Sr High does not pay tuition. There is a 50/50 funding split.

Both pay for print materials
and textbooks.

10 Credit High School Completion
This bundle includes these courses:
COM 1255
AGR 3000
HCS 3000
HCS 3010
INFO 1030, 2050, 3060
Requesting Courses
To start working with any course, request the course with our online School Services Course Request Form.

Please check the information on the course in our Registration Guide before requesting it
Registering Students
To register students, use the Web Reg program.

You will need your school's username and password to log in.

Let's start with www.adlc.ca again...
Web Reg
You've seen the basics, now what else can we do?
student's usernames and passwords
Status of student's registration
Filtering student lists
Check Your Marks
For CALM and CS students

It uses the same username and password as Web Reg

This program will show you
student's running mark
assignments the student has completed
"due dates" for the assignments
assignment submission dates
final marks for CALM
Elementary Courses
Grade 2 Social Studies
the online course has the PDFs for the course
The online course is meant to be a teacher resource only
Jr High Courses
Math 7
Start teaching students to be online learners
Assignments are done on paper and submitted to a dropbox or in person
Sr High Courses
LDC courses
Forensics 25, 35 3 credit and 5 credit
Request permission through Extranet
This is a new and exciting course for ADLC!

More modern, lots of videos and multiple ways to learn

Students start with Bootcamp, then check out the links at the top and bottom of the page

Streaming has been slow but we are moving all videos onto our streaming server which will address this issue. We also have a list of URLs we can send out if you would like to access them outside of the course.

Please use Chrome or FireFox

Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Access to ADLC developed print materials through PrintPlus. Online components of print courses and textbooks are not included.

10 Credit High School Completion Bundle

Access to all of our online courses, including K&E *Text-to-speech included

Division Branding on courses

Option to get a modifiable version
of the online course

All grade levels have PrintPlus, but it runs differently depending on the grade
Sr High
There is an online database of all print materials that ADLC has developed

You will need your division's username and password for access

You will need to download the appropriate plugin for the database to function properly

Please note, some courses have online components that are not available through PrintPlus and textbooks are not available through PrintPlus

Often the print and the online versions of the courses are not the same
Elm/Jr High
Teachers will need to request the course, and specify in the "special requests" field if they want the online or print versions of the course.

There is no database for these courses.
1) Schools need to request wanted courses
2) Then register students in the solutions for schools course
ADLC will mark and teach these courses
Schools get 100% funding
Marks are available in D2L Gradebook
Schools submit marks to AB Ed
*CALM: Marks are available under the
Check Your Marks function.

First we will start at www.adlc.ca....
This is our online learning management system

Each teacher will have their own username and password with access to the courses that have been set up for them

This program will show you
courses (content and assessments)
student grades (Gradebook)
"Babysitting" functions
English Language Arts 6
Course is broken into days for the student
Biology 20
multiple ways to submit
rubrics and discussions
a more complex
online course
K&E Courses
We have all K&E courses from grade 9 up

These courses are offered online only

Courses are split into small chunks with an audio player embedded
*Only grades 1 to 3
courses are online
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