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Engagement & Hands On Learning

No description

Cara Butler

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Engagement & Hands On Learning

Cara Butler, Area 1, FSD
Engagement &
Hands On Learning

of the Workshop

NCTM Highlights
Hands On Mathematics
Games & Puzzles
Article Studies
NCTM Highlights

I used Prezi to make this workshop.
Never used it before.

Kinda neat, huh?

Files for the Presentation are here:

Both of these links were e-mailed to you this
Prezi & File Information

- Expenses & Accommodations
- Laptops
- Lunches

Anything else?

Grab the toilet paper.

Take as much as you might need.
Hands On Mathematics
Games & Puzzles
Article Studies
Now, share with us as many pieces of information about yourself as you have
pieces of toilet paper.
Teaching and Learning
with Real-World Tools
Target Zombies with
Plants and Math
Truth and Beauty:
Mathematics in Literature
Using Aviation to Change
Math Attitudes
Bingo! Select Games for
Mathematical Thinking
- What did you find interesting about the article?
- Can you connect what you have read in the article to your current practice?

- Grab a post-it note, jot down your ideas and what you want to remember. Attach it to the article for future reference.
Logic Puzzles
Brain Teasers
Connecting to
Chinese Checkers
Old Battleship
New Battleship
Connect Four
Rainbow Blocks

If we have time.... Fluxx
1,000 Playthinks
Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzles

iPod Games

iPad Games
Never used the SMARTBoard before?
Best Resources
Treat the SMARTBoard like a big mouse.

Connect USB to the board, check the light on the side.

Connect an LCD project.

SMART Exchange

Couple of Links
Scale Model of the Solar System
Earth Extremes
A Country's Fact Sheet
"The Games People Play"
Rating Math Websites
I will give you a map of Thompson.

I will also give you the measurements of the planets and its distance from the sun.

Your job?
Plan where and how you would build a scale model of the Solar System within Thompson. Also include the sizes of the spheres.
How many calories do you use each and everyday?
Yup, numbers are everywhere.

Pick a country that you want to travel to.

Collect some information....
A little bit of research about the numbers in our planet.
Why am I always doing the choosing of appropriate math websites?

That's it! I'm on strike!

There are plenty of games in other countries.

Let's research one.

Microsoft Excel
Displaying Data
Geometer's Sketchpad
My Overall Impressions
NASA Activities
Engaging Activities +
Effective Instructional Strategies =
Numerically Nimble Students
Integrating Geocaching in the
Mathematics Classroom
iPad Apps
Using Google Earth
Is there another way to
teach fraction division?
Babies & Brain Science
Math Work Stations
Keynote Speakers
I've been wanting to go to NCTM for over 10 years.

To be honest, I was expecting amazing things..... I got some OK things, some great things, some terrible things.

I was a bit disappointed with the event.
Miyam Bialik & STEM Education
A Hart-to-Hart Conversation
Big push in the states to move students towards STEM careers.
George Hart & his daughter Vi Hart
NCTM Illuminations
Two Awful Workshops

Math in Cahoots with Science
Problem Solving in Japan
Community Clips
Computer Login Information

Wireless Login Information

login: fsdguest
password: fsdguest

wireless "FSDTEMP"
password: welcomeFSD13
(case sensitive)
E. Paul Goldenberg
I really enjoyed his workshop.
He ran out of time, so he didn't get to talk on the education related pieces of the brain research.

Presentation is all Online.
NASA Smart Skies
Math and Science @ Work
You are an air traffic controller.

Activity #1 - Two planes, different distances, same speed.

Activity #2 - Two planes, same distance, same speed.

Activity #3 - Two planes, same distance, different speed.
Went to two workshops. I will only speak about the Geometry & NASA Workshop.
LaGrange Points
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