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SWOT Analysis

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Kate Mele

on 22 July 2015

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Transcript of SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis
Kathryn Mele
Summer 2015
EDUC 708- The Integration of Technology
Dr. Dubuclet
Tech Plan
Where are we headed?
Create staff buy-in
Increase opportunities for PD
Follow up with staff
Why do we want to go there?
Everyone needs to take ownership for this school-wide shift
Student accountability & engagement will increase
-How will we know when we've arrived?
A culture of collaboration and experimentation

In order for Haddonfield Middle School to reap the benefits of successful technology integration, we need to see a shift in the way technology is introduced, talked about, taught and shared amongst adults BEFORE there can be any significant change to the way we approach technology with our students.

Otto, T. (2008). Designing and Sustaining Constructivist Learning Environments. In Transforming Classroom Practice. Eugene: International Society for Technology in Education.

The Principal as Technology Leader by Theodore Creighton


Thank you!
Haddonfield Middle School currently serves a little over 600 students in grades six to eight, and is part of District Factor Group “J,” which is the highest of eight groupings based on socioeconomic status in New Jersey. Within our school building, there are two computer labs, a library that houses another class set of desktop computers, three iPad carts containing thirty iPads each, and at least one desktop computer in each classroom. In order to develop a plan for improving technology integration, I completed a SWOT analysis of my school building based on the results of a LoTi survey. The following information will illustrate Haddonfield Middle School's areas of strength and weakness in terms of technology integration, as well as opportunities and threats to our school.

LoTi Results
Visionary Leadership: Mid-level priority
Systemic Improvement: High-level Priority
Digital-Age Learning Culture: Mid-level priority
Excellence in Professional Practice: Mid-level priority
Digital Citizenship: Low-level Priority
SWOT Analysis
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