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Obama's Presidential Roles

No description

Abby Landis

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Obama's Presidential Roles

Obama's Presidential Roles Commander in Chief President Obama has increased the usage of drones during his presidency. Obama has used drones to find where Osama Bin Laden hid, to kill terrorists, and to go in territories too dangerous for troops. Fulfilling the Role? The role of commander in chief consists of being in charge of the operations with the US Military. Obama is fulfilling this role by increasing drone use in the military and taking charge. Chief Manager of Economy President Obama works with congress to set up a budget. Lately the budget has not been able to be compromised upon due to congress being divided, and not agreeing on economic changes. Fulfilling the Role? Obama has tried very hard to fulfill the role of working with congress to set the budget and tax policy, but has not completed the role due to congress not agreeing with his policies. Chief Executive In 2011, President Obama nominated four people to become part of his administration posts. The individuals were:
-Earl W. Gast – Assistant Administrator for Africa, United States Agency for International Development
-Roberta S. Jacobson – Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Department of State
-Michael T. Scuse – Under Secretary for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services, Department of Agriculture
-Glen F. Post III – Member, President's National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee Fulfilling the Role? Part of President Obama's role as Chief Executive is to appoint federal officials. By nominating the four candidates to become part of the administration, Obama fulfilled his Chief Executive role. Obama's other duties as Chief Executive include issuing executive orders. Chief Diplomat Obama has become very successful when it comes to foreign policy. Obama met with 47 nations to discuss nuclear policy, and also met with leaders of countries that needed assistance with problems. Obama has talked with the leaders of Iran and Russia, and shown the world that he is not another George W. Bush. Chief of State Obama held a state dinner and invited the Indian prime minister, along with 300 guests. Guests ate an extravagant dinner at the white house, Obama signaled to India that he wanted to make a strong tie with the worlds largest democracy. Fulfilling the Role Obama has fulfilled the role as Chief Diplomat very well. As Chief Diplomat, Obama has to oversee foreign policy, and hold talks with foreign leaders. Part of Obama's platform was to improve our foreign relations. By meeting with foreign leaders and strengthening relationships, Obama has done his best to keep his word on his platform, and oversee foreign policy. Fulfilling the Role Obama's responsibilities as Chief of State consist of representing our country and official functions all around the world. Obama has fulfilled this role by holding his state dinner and inviting leaders from other countries, as well as leaders in our own country (i.e. New York mayor, Katie Couric, and M. Night Shayamalan). Chief Legislator Obama signed the Healthcare Legislation into law, which expands federal healthcare guarantees. The law was one of Obama's big moves as President. Fulfilling the Role President Obama's duties as Chief Legislator are to work with the legislative branch to create an agenda, and to propose legislation. By working hard to make "Obamacare" a law, Obama fulfilled the duty of proposing legislation. Obama also fulfilled the duty by urging congress to pass this law. Obama used his powers as Chief Legislator very wisely. Chief of Party President Obama appointed Hilary Clinton to be his Secretary of State. Hilary Clinton did not want the job at first, but then realized that it was an honor to help serve in Obama's cabinet and help the country. Fulfilling the Role As Chief of Party, Obama is the leader of the democratic political party. By appointing another democrat (Clinton) into his cabinet, Obama is taking initiative and fulfilling his role by being a leader. Chief Citizen Obama threw out the first pitch in the 2009 MLB All Star Game. Obama became the fifth president to do so, but the first president in 33 years to throw a pitch. Fulfilling the Role Obama's role as Chief Citizen consists of being just like an average citizen. By throwing the first pitch and dressing like a normal citizen, Obama shows that he is not above any other person.
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