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The United Kingdom

No description

E VanApeldoorn

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of The United Kingdom

British food has traditionally been based on beef, lamb, pork, chicken and fish and generally served with potatoes and one other vegetable.
The most common and typical foods eaten in Britain include the sandwich, fish and chips, pies like the cornish pasty, trifle and roasts dinners.

The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy, with a queen and a parliament that has two houses: the House of Lords, with 574 life peers, 92 hereditary peers, and 26 bishops; and the House of Commons, which has 651 popularly elected members.

The United Kingdom
By Skyler Householder and Emily Van Apeldoorn

Popular Places
Big Ben
Windsor castle
London eye
Tower of London
Lock of Love Bridge

London has the first hot chocolate store ever opened.
The English drink the most tea in the world.
It is against the law to get drunk in a pub in England.
In Scotland, it is against the law to get drunk and posess a cow.
The national anthem is God Save the Queen.
The United Kingdom is 5 hours ahead of us.

Fun Fact
63,754,640 population its always changing

They speak mostly english.

Population and Language

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