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PATE Memorial Hospital

A Presentation of a case study regarding Pate Memorial Hospital

Leshwyn XD

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of PATE Memorial Hospital

One of six general hospitals in the city and twenty in the country

Debt-free and has the highest overall occupancy rate
To gain an increase in return customers by 20% after providing services which are suggested by customers.
-Having an official website

Extend business hours

Expand the service offered

Provide the services that suggested by their patients

-Debt free and also has the highest occupancy rate
-Nett loss subdue

6 types of health care services

Not well managed

Do not conduct any marketing activity

-Healthcare expenditure causes a rise
in Consumer Price Index (CPI)

-11,663 office workers
-Growth 6% per Annum

- Technology advancement and portable medical equipment

5 blocks north

Legal or Regulatory
-Federal government reassess its role in health care
Stringent control

Industry / Market Structure
- saturated market , competitors such as Emercenter . Adams Industrial clinics, health first & Medcenter.

6 types of services
Preventive health care
Minor emergency center
Referral for acute and chronic health care problems
Specialized employer services
Primary health care services
-xray and lab tests.

$50 For personal illness
$78 Workers compensation treatment
$94 Insurance physical examination
$134 for emergency visits.

Strategically located
-Pate Health Clinic offer the existing service to new market.
-Services: preventive health care, minor-emergency care, specialized employer services
-Attract more new patients instead of repeat patients.

-Pate Health Clinic offer new services to existing market
-Preferred Provider Organizations(PPOs) planned to offer in downtown area.
-It has established contractual arrangements between physicians and large employer groups.

-Expand operating hour
-Reduce waiting time
-Provide gynecological services
-Respond to suggestions given by patients

-Provide wide range of services
preventive health care, minor-emergency care, referral for acute and chronic health care problems, specialized employer services, primary health care services, basic X-ray as well as laboratory tests to the public’s

Informational advertisement in downtown,weekly newspaper

Deliver the benefits and services

Mobile clinic services
Once a month in downtown area from 7am to 7pm

Provide basic medical services
blood donation activity every 3 months

Implement telemedicine and tele health

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Organizational Growth Opportunities
1.1 Business Definition
Become self-supporting three years after opening.
1.2 Business Mission
600-bed, independent, not-for-profit
1.3 Service Objectives
To expand the service provided in 5% from 2016 to 2018.
To rank top three in customer satisfaction for level of service quality from 2016 to 2018. 
1.4 Financial Objectives
To achieve 25% of profit in 2016 to 2018.
To increase net profit margin to 5% by 2018.
1.5 Marketing Objectives
To gain at least 25% of consumer from north downtown area by enhancing their promotion strategy between the year of 2016-2018
2.1 Environmental Opportunities
-Maintain their pricing by reducing other cost
-28% of the us Population will turn 65 between 2010 to 2020
2.2 Distinctive Competencies
Strategic location
2.3 Success Requirement
2.4 Swot Analysis Framework
2.5 Market analysis
Product strategy
Price strategy
Channel strategy
Communication strategy
Section 3: Product Market Strategy
Section 4: Budgeting

4.1 Financial Budgeting
Section 5: Marketing Audit
5.1 Strategic Aspect
5.2 Operating Aspects
5.3 Recommendations
J.Leshwyn Raj 1112701671
Ting Yi Loh 1121117690
Tee Wei Ping 1112701087
Chan Sin Ning 1121117521
Wendy Koh Huey Ying 1112701180
Case Study
Pate Memorial Hospital
Group 7
3.1 Market Development Strategy (Existing Offering-New Market)
3.2 New Offering Development Strategy (New Offering-Existing Market)
3.3 Decision Tree
Put some effort in advertising and promotion activity
Reduce waiting time
-No communication strategy
-Minor publicity
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