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Colons: What You Need to Know!

No description

Katie Fake

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Colons: What You Need to Know!

What You Need to Know! The Semicolon Role #1: Links two complete sentences that are closely related and of equal value Example 1:
It was the first day of college; everyone dreaded the amount of homework that would soon hit. Example 2:
I love to eat out for dinner; however, I can’t afford to do it very often because it is so expensive. Role #2: Links word groups together in a series when one or more of the word groups already contains commas Example:
Kate's favorite foods are chicken, with cayenne pepper; salad, with Italian dressing; and toast, with garlic and butter. The Colon -Formal mark that tells us to anticipate new or more information
-It should ONLY be used after a complete sentence Role #1: Introduces an explanation, usually a second clause that explains the first Example:
His ambition is clear: he intends to graduate with honors. Role #2: Introduces a list of enumerations Example:
His career is guided by three qualities: hard work, faultless integrity, wise priorities. Role #3: Introduces a statement, quotation, or question REMEMBER: A colon is NOT used after a verb or preposition when introducing a list.
Three things that guide his career are: hard work, faultless integrity, wise priorities.

(THIS IS WRONG!) Example #1:
J.R.R. Tolkien reminds us to look past appearances in The Lord of the Rings: "All that glitters is not gold." Example #2:
He referred the question to the full committee: Are we prepared to absorb the additional costs of such a decision? Let's Practice! 1. I have been to Los Angeles, California, Austin, Texas, and Boise, Idaho.

2. I need a few items at the store, cereal, soap, and tape.

3. The American flag has three colors, red, white, and blue.

4. You will want to bring many backpacking items. For example, sleeping bags, pans, and warm clothing will make the trip better.

5. I worked many hours this week, therefore, I expect a big paycheck.

6. Call me tomorrow. I will give you my answer then. (In order to avoid confusion) Think about it like this...

Semicolons and colons are fraternal twins.
They are similar, but how they act in a sentence is always just a little bit different.
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