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Tiger Tools Inc.

No description

Ghassan Dib

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Tiger Tools Inc.

Tiger Tools Inc.
Sample set 1
Is this process in control?
UCL = X-double bar + A2R-bar = 45.156
LCL = X-double bar – A2R-bar = 44.84
N=20 and A2= .18

The process is in control but that doesn’t measure the capability of the process
Rbar= .873, n=20, A2= .18

Standard deviation = 0.234
The specification width is 1.44 cm : The process capability is 1.44 / 6*.234 = 1.03 Since it is less than 1.33

This Process is not Capable
Sample set 2
Why the cycling did not show in the first sample? We think that is it because the sample sizes were too large
Eric Simpson
Ghassan Dib
Anna Quehl
Allison Schaefer
Here a smaller sample revealed a cycling trend that the larger sample did not. However, small samples aren’t used for every situation
Small samples
Larger samples
Thank you
Tiger Tools, a division of Drillmore Industries.

The company planned on launching a new product which required a particular oven
to produce their new product. When Tiger Tools checked the capability of the oven,
their initial analysis concluded that the process was not capable.
In addition, the company had a freeze on capital expenditures which made acquiring
a replacement oven an unfeasible purchase.
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