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the miz

GV Computer

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of jordanreed

The Miz By Jordan the Miz was born on October 8 1980 The Miz real name is Mike Mizanin. the miz likes to help the wourld in eney way he can The Miz has also played in other movies besides WWE the Miz has fought many people the Miz has beaten 20 openets in his carear. he has been in the title champe for three years in a row then got beat the miz has hade many loses in the three years after the lose of the champin belt he has not had a vitorey in a wile in tile he hase faced jonh cena and found out that his weeknis is to hit him in the leg then cena has been in pain for weeks after cena has recovered he came back to defend his title. then cena had challenged the miz to a cage mach and cena got hit in the leg agin but he barily maid it throgh it but he did it after cena has take back his title the miz got back up and got a chair and ran up to him and hit him near the spin and neck area then the miz took his title and ran after the miz has hit cena with a chair the medics came and made shire that cena was not dead after cena has been taken to the hospitil he had to re cover for a long time after he hade to recover he hade to start training for a long time so we all know that the miz is a chearter at every thing and dont trust him Good By
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