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Why Feudalism Is Bad

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Kimberly Baez

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Why Feudalism Is Bad

Why Feudalism Is Bad
Reason #1: Government
Feudalism was detrimental to the government due to laws not being able to be enforced fairly. With feudalism, violence was not caught as easily, furthermore damaging the system and the land in which the feaudalism was practiced in. Lying was easy and many times the citizens were not true to one another, causing unnescessary wars among lords, in which many peasants were affected.
Reason #2: Peasants
Reason #3: Selfishness
Vassals could often be rather selfish, as they often placed their thoughts and opinions over the intrests in lands which they governed. This was a a serious debt to the vassals and the land because this only lead to much more fighting that was not needed. In addition mere feudalism goverments could not afford certain plans and projects that may be able to add to the benefit of society.
Reason #4: Society
Feudaliam didn't work as well in life as it did in theory and therefore caused probelm is society. While feudalism did provide some unity between local areas, it often did not have the power or strength to unite large regions and countries. In addition, small feudal governments could not afford large prjects that would greatly benefit society.
Most peasants were treated unfairly and had to face an abundancy of unjust hardships and treatment. An example of these troubles would be the fact that most peasants were serfs. A majoriy were also not allowed to leave the lord's land. Serfs had to work three days of every week as payment to the lord or vassals for use of their land. Vassals and lords were often selfcentered and thought about themselves first.
This image is an example of war amoung lords.
This photo is an example of the poor and unfair treatment of pesants.
This photo is a wonderful exmple of the selfish ways of the vassals.
This image is an example of one of he many projects that would benefit society yet could not be funded.
Thank you for watching our presetation!
Any questions? \(owo\)
By: Charlotte B. & Kimberly B.
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