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Inderkum Senior Project 2015

No description

Allyssa Nathong

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Inderkum Senior Project 2015

How We Started
Choices were:
UC Davis Medical Center
4th "R" Child Care
Heron, Witter Ranch, Regency Park
Called each place
Decided want to be with kids
Regency Park Elementary School
Work shift from 8 am to 12 pm
Prepare/serve breakfast and lunch
Supervise the children during playtime, events, and projects
Assist kids with homework and activities
Help staff with little projects (cutting paper, organizing the cabinets, etc.)
What we Learned/How we Grew
By: Samantha Ignacio & Allyssa Nathong
4th "R" School Age Child Care Program
year-round child care
K-6th grade
comfortable, safe environment
different recreational activities
promotes healthy development
through 4th "r"
Daily routine
5901 Bridgecross Dr, Sacramento, CA 95835
(916) 566-1660
Mrs. Pitts
James Hobbs
Staff & Children of 4th "R"
Special Thanks to:
Last day @ 4th R!
Talked to program's supervisor
Discussed responsibilities
Signed papers
Made a calendar

Disciplining children
Handling conflicts between children
Comforting the kids when sad/upset
patience, discipline
be more understanding
be role models
how to solve problems
giving back to the community as a sign of gratitude
appreciate the little things in life
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