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The Mortal Immortal

No description

Patience Harris

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of The Mortal Immortal

English Short Story Prezi
The Mortal Immortal
Read by Allen, Molly and Patience
Author is Mary Shelley
Genre is Fiction
Original Publucation is 1910
Born August 30, 1797 in London, England
Most famous novel is Frankenstein
Also, Valperga, The Last Man, Lodore, and Mathilde
Died of brain cancer on February 1st, 1851 in London, England
She was found reading and day dreaming so she could escape her daily life struggles.
Devoted herself to promoting her husbands poetry after he died. (She was 24 when she became a widow) :(
She moved around to different areas, like Italy, and Scotland
She was only known for her books
Main Characters
Winzy: Who is the man who drinks the potion and lives "forever"
Bertha: The woman who loves and is loved by her Winzy
Cornelius: The mentor who Winzy works under, the maker of the potion
Protectoress: The lady who took in Bertha when she was younger when her parents died
Albert Hoffer: The man who was about to marry Bertha
External Conflict: Being Immortal, seeing loved one die, and being different from everyone else

Internal Conflict: Loneliness-(being the only one who is immortal), and death in the "mind"-(going through the motions)
Summary of the Plot
Its WInzy's 223rd birthday, and he asks the reader the question, "Am I immortal"
Winzy is an orphan at a young age with his neighborhood friend (Bertha). Bertha gets taken in by a rich woman. Bertha and Winzy separate and Winzy just wants to stop thinking about her. Cornelius (Winzy's mentor-crazy scienctist) makes a potion and says, "it will cure all love" Winzy decides to drink it (half of it) and feels great, goes to bed. Next morning he goes to see if it worked and looked at Bertha and realizes he ADORES her. Bertha loves him too and they go and get married. Winzy stays looking 20 and Bertha ages, everyone thinks its wierd and creepy. He finds out he doesnt like being "immortal" when Bertha dies.
Setting of the Story
Western Europe
July 16th, 1833
Goes over life which is between 1510-1833 meaning that most of the story takes place in his 20s, 1530s
Reason for Setting:
Author was growing up in the mid 1830's
Am I, then, Immortal?
..love that gnaws at my heart, never to be returned-never to find an equal on which to expand itself-lives only to torment me
"Before I go, a miserable vanity has caused me to pen these pages"
Author's Bio
Important Symbols
Themes/Tones of the Story
Connection to course theme
The story is about living forever, however, the results of living forever is not as perfect as it seems. Cornelius tries to ¨save people¨ by making a drink that allows a person to live forever. What if everyone had the ability to live forever? How many people would be here today? Or would there be a limit, so would we be here today?

Overall, living forever has some concequences
Death: In the story, death isnt reachable for our main character, however, he feels as though he as died. He lives forever without what is the most important to him in life. He lives a ¨dead¨ life.
Tone: Regretful/Sorrowful--A memory of why the way Winzy is the way he is...
Theme: Love, we see that Winzy was longing to belong to Bertha, then wants to be cured of love, then only wants love in the end of the story
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