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Mara Templeton

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of timeline

By Mara Templeton Drusilla, Caligula's next sister was born in Abitarvium, modern day Koblenz, Germany on September 16, 16 ADE. Caligula was born Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus on August 31st in the year 12 ADE. He was the third living child of Germanicus and Agrippina the elder. In the year 13 ADE Germanicus is made the commander of the Roman legions on the Rhine and is tasked with leading a campaign agaist the Germanic tribes of the east river. Agrippina followed her husband and Caligula soon joined his parents. Emperor Augustus, Caligula's maternal grandfather, died on August 19, 14 ADE.
The armies of the Rhine mounted a mutiny in an attempt to instate Germanicus as Emperor.
On the 18nth of September of the same year Tiberius Julius Caesar (Tiberius) became emperor. The Life of Caligula Caligula's sister Agrippina the younger was born on the 17 of November 15 ADE at a Roman outpost. In the summer of 17 ADE the family retured to Rome where Germanicus was honored for his triumph over the Germanic tribes
That fall Germanicus was commissioned to reorganize governmental affairs in the east of the empire. His wife and Caligula continued to travel with him, the rest of his children staying in Rome. In early 18 ADE on the Island of Lesbos, Greece Caligula's youngest sister and last sibling Julia Livilla was born. On October 10 of the year 19 Germanicus fell ill and died in Syria. Allegedly Tiberius had the governor of Syria, Gnaeus Calpurnius Piso, poison Germanicus because of his popularity with 'the common people' and soldiers. In 27 ADE Agrippina the Elder and her eldest son, Nero, were arrested. Fourteen-year-old Caligula and his two sisters, Drusilla and Livilla, were taken in by their maternal great-grandmother Livia, the widow of Augustus. Two years later in 29 ADE Livia died and Caligula and his sisters move in with their paternal grandmother Antonia Minor.

Toward the end of 30 ADE an 18-year-old Caligula was summoned by Tiberius to the Isle of Capri. He was granted the toga virilis, the formal sign identifying him as a man. Caligula remained on Capri until his Ascension to emperor. In 31 ADE Tiberius wrote a letter accusing Caligula's mother and eldest brother of a verity of crimes. Nero was declared hostis and banished to the island of Pontia where he died. Agrippina was exiled to the island of Pandateria
That same year Caligula's next brother, Drusus the third came under attack the same way Nero had. He was arrested and thrown into a dungeon on the Palatine Hill. In the year 35 Tiberius fell ill and died on March 16, 37 ADE.

Caligula was proclaimed imperator (emperor) that same day and When he returned to Rome on March 28 the 'right and power to decide on all affairs' was bestowed upon him. Caligula was only 24. In the eighth month of his reign, at the end of October Caligula fell ill. Caligula named his sister Drusilla, who was said to be his favourite, as his heir if he did. It was reported that every citizen of Rome prayed for their emperor's recovery, one man even made a vow to sacrifice his own life and another said he would fight as a gladiator should Caligula recover. When he did recover Caligula insisted both men fulfill their promises. Caligula enlarged the complex of houses belonging to the emperor on the Palatine Hill, reserving it for his own use. On June 10 38 ADE Caligula's sister Drusilla died. Her death was so painful for him that he withdrew from society and retreated to his country estate in the Alban Hills. Over the course of a few years Caligula's behavior became increasingly erratic and brutal. He started executing people for crimes they did not commit, he would rape the wives of noble men and the members of is Praetorian Guard, turned part of his palace into a brothel and lastly proclaimed war on the sea god Neptune. On January 24 41ADE Caligula was assassinated by members of his own Praetorian Guard, Cassius Chaerea and Sabinus.
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