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Nikola Tesla

No description

Delilah Haffner

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Nikola Tesla

Thanks For Watching!
The Beginning
~Alternating current was his biggest discovery
~means that direction of the electrical current periodically changes direction
Edison's DC
~direct current=Edison's inventions
~flows in one direction always

Why is it bad?
~example: someone cuts the power cable on a street with five houses--with DC all of the power in all of the houses will be lost
Benefits of AC
~more efficient, had the capacity to be larger, cheaper, easier to produce, much more useful

Why is it good?
~example: someone cuts the power cable on a street with five houses--with AC only the house where the damaged cable was will have lost power
Chicago World Fair
~Tesla's light bulbs at Chicago World Fair in 1893
~over 27 million people attended ~saw his AC system
Tesla Coil
~wanted to find a device capable of emitting higher frequencies
~Advantages=brighter glow, energy is transmitted more efficiently, less danger
~solution was the Tesla Coil--he began to develop the first neon and fluorescent illumination
~with his high frequency findings, he was credited with the first x-ray photos (Wilhelm Roentgen 1895)
AC vs. DC
Changing the World: One Light Bulb at a Time
Nikola Tesla
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