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No description

Karina Banda

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of Vectors

There was once a boy and girl that were in love. Who lived in chicago But the girl was going to go away To New York because her job relocated her. At the Airport... 20 degrees 40 ft= 0.007575 miles 20 ft=0.003787 miles She is standing looking at the screen displaying the boarding times and then walks 20 feet N70E and waits by the door to her airplane. Her boarding time is in 5 minutes. At the same exact time she stops to wait, Henry stops 40 feet away from the boarding times screen and sees her. He is running at 12 miles per hour, in what direction should he run to her and what is the distance he will cover? Will he make it in time? She stands infront
of the boarding times She then
goes to the
boarding gates
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