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Digital Math

This blended classroom presents math both directly and through presentations on the web.

beth islip

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Digital Math

Digital Math Who are the students? What is a regular day like? How is technology utilized? How do we know they are learning? Expectation is for students to do 40 problems a day, with feedback,in class.
1/3 care about their learning,
1/3 are too social to concentrate,
1/3 don't have much motivation Improved attitudes: "I concentrated on the math (during the STAR testing)."- ESL student, Genesis. "The math was easy."- Jorge, 11th, ESL. "There were only a few problems we hadn't gotten to yet."- Rodney, 10th. "I bubbled in on the English but the math I worked."- Demi, 11th.
Regular formative assessments occur a minimum of every Friday. Endurance, concentration, and work have increased. What special considerations are there? small class size Tutoring: Prentice Hall, Quia, Mathtv, UCCP Students are masters at getting out of work, they want to click through the programs and hollar out "I'm done!" It is a management issue. Students must be trained to use pencil and paper when they are sitting at the computers. Guessing is too easy. solid support Smartboard is an organizational tool, and a time saver during class Computer practice allows the more confident students to work with instant feedback, while less confident students are given individual tutoring. 1/2 are sophomores, 1/2 are juniors, 1 senior Student confidence has increased. Instant Feedback: Moodle, balances boredom and frustration. District final, pre and post
Star results
direct instruction
computer practice
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