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A2 - Becoming an elite performer

No description

Kate Bancroft

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of A2 - Becoming an elite performer

'no compromise'
UK Sport
Becoming an elite performer
-who does what?

Place your own picture
behind this frame!
Double click to crop it if necessary
San Francisco
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
(cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr
(cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
Good - Describe the Performance Pathway of a particular sport

Outstanding - Explain the effects of each stage of the Performance pathway & suggest ways to move up
works with sport councils & other bodies to lead the UK sport to world-class success
World Class Standards
World Class Performance
TASS schemes
World Class development programmes for Olympic & Paralympic sport
The sports councils of
Northern Ireland, Wales
and Scotland retained
responsibility for their
own performances up to
World Class Performance
Pathway standard
photo frame
Worldwide Impact
Responsible for distributing both exchequer funding & money from the National Lottery
Currently distributes over 100 million pound a year
Answerable to parliament via the Department for Culture, media & Sport
3 major goals:
Development of world-class performers
& the UK expertise to support them
*Primarily winning more Olympic & Paralympic medals
Bringing the best practice from other
sporting nations to the UK
Providing support to enable sports to bid for & stage major events
Promoting the highest standards
of sporting conduct
World-class anti doping programme for the UK & ethically fair & drug-free sport via education & support
Athlete Personal awards
English Institute of Sport
Create a leaflet for young athletes explaining the World Class Performance pathway to them for a chosen sport
National Institutes of Excellence
You could include: pictures, tables, definitions. Don't forget to make it easy for young people to understand!
Social Factors
Social Influences
How else is the money spent?
Back-up services, such as medical care
Support elite athletes directly
Remit of UK:
Encourage & develop higher standards
What do you think the remit is for UK Sport?
Identify sporting policies that have a UK-wide application
Develop & deliver appropriate grant programmes
Oversee policy on sport science, sports medicine, drug control, coaching
Coordinate policy for attracting major international events to the UK
Research Task
Written Task
Create a table showing the advantages & disadvantages of a systematic programme
Past Paper Question
Self Assessment - Green for Growth
Complete your UK Sport sheet
2 minutes to learn the 6 key components of a world class athlete!

Then TEST time!!

1. This one runs schemes like Girls4Gold
2. Which one provides funding for coaching & travel?
3. Which one ensures that the athletes are prepared and peak at the right time for competition?
4. Which one deals with the life of an athlete?
5. Which one looks after physiotherapy, injury prevention and strength & conditioning
6. Which one spends £1.5 million per year on equipment, facilities & coaching tools?


Past Paper Question
self assessment
Green for Growth
What are all these pictures of?
Create a mindmap/leaflet/poster about:
*What NGBs are
*What there aims are
*What challenges they face
Choose a NGB & find there WHOLE SPORT PLAN.

The QR Code will determine what organisation you are researching
Talent Identification means spotting talented individuals with an aptitude and potential to develop into elite performers.

Certain physical & psychological parameters can be tested.

• Clearly defined and coordinated roles of different agencies
• Simple but effective administration and record-keeping systems
• Provision of sports sciences to develop athletes
• Structured competition and development
• Provision of performance lifestyle advice and support through education
• Use of relevant and informative testing procedures.

Talent ID Programmes - Key Offers

Social Background

Parental influence/family support/religious preferences

Popularity of sport at School

Teacher’s speciality/interests

Positive role models/media coverage to inspire participation

Accessible faculties for different activities in the area you live

Structured levels of competition

Availability of specialist coaching/sport science support

Social Factors required to support progression to Elite sport
What are the problems with this approach?
-Doesn't take into account your desire to win, drive, motivation
-Some hereditary factors can be changed such as strength & weight
-Socio-economic status & facilities available can affect the type of sport that you participate in

Who shall we test?
Who does the testing?
What shall we use to test?
Lets Test what you now know about NGBs...
1. Name 3 main aims of NGBs
2. Name 2 organisations that NGBs liaise with
3. Why has a decline in school sport affected NGBs?
4. Why has new sports affected NGBs?
5. What must NGBs produce?
6. How have NGBs tried to get funds?
7.Why have NGBs had to develop their coaching & structuring of competitions?
8. What can be a disadvantage of Lottery funding?

Targets they aim to achieve:
one million more doing sport
25% reduction of the number of 16 year olds who drop out
Improved talent systems in at least 25 sports
Increase in people's satisfaction with their experience of sport
Major contribution to the delivery of the five hour sports offer for children & young people
Home Learning

What are whole sport plans?
What will WSPs achieve?
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