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Buddhist and Chinese Attitude to Life

No description

Wong Ambrose

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Buddhist and Chinese Attitude to Life

Buddhist and Chinese Attitude to Life
By Wong Kin Long
3 thoughts in Chinese Culture
human behavior
social responsibilities
personal moral cultivation
aim to become a perfect man
1. The Importance of Human Life,
No Supernatural Power
“Of all (creatures with their different) natures produced by Heaven and Earth, man is the noblest.”
Mencius emphasized that humans and animals are different because of morality.
five or six forms of life:
gods, humans, animals, hungry ghosts, hell beings, and Asuras which added later, but human life is the most important.

not superior
Humans are rare
We are not special creation of nature
2. Importance of morality
morality = foundation of human cultivation
moral perfection = highest ideal
the difference between human and animals
= morality
it regulates human behavior and keeps peace in our society
human cultivation is three fold:
morality, concentration and wisdom
Confucian realizes his value and moral obligation in the world through virtue , service and speech
morality is the foundation and the aim is to achieve wisdom.
Buddhas are busy with works of serving people.
same as Confucianism in this respect that the ideal person perform service to other people
3. Emphasis on Self-Cultivation
emphasize self-cultivation for
moral perfection, spiritual awakening to achieve the ideal life.
first cultivate his person
regulate his family
self-cultivation and self-training in mind, body and speech
govern their states
throughout the kingdom
Requirements :right attitude of mind and honesty
1. Observation of precepts
regulate one’s bodily and verbal actions
so that one would not do immoral things such as killing, stealing and adultery
2. Cultivation of mind
purification of mind by eliminating bad thoughts and cultivation of good thoughts.
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