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Les Paul

An amazing guitarist.

Shawn Turja

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Les Paul

Lester William Polfuss Also known as : Les Paul Born June 9th, 1915 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Les Paul was an American Jazz and country guitarist. He was also a songwriter and inventor. Les Paul was accredited with many recording
innovations: such as... Overdubbing- which is also known as sound on sound. Delay effects, phase effects and multitrack recording. Les Paul was a pioneer in the developement of the solid body electric guitar, which made the "sound" of "Rock and Roll" possible. Les Paul used his innovative talent with lick, trills, chording sequences and fretting techniques. This set him apart from many
other guitarists of the time, and inspired
many future guitarists. His interest in music began when
he was 8 years old and started playing
the hermonica. By age 13 he was performing as a
semi-professional country music guitarist
and hermonica player. He began playing Jazz music in
the late 1930's. After near death by electrocution in 1940,
Paul moved to Hollywood for 2 years
of recuperation. Les Paul was drafted in the Army
and played music along with many
famous musicians including Nat King Cole. In 1948, he was in a fatal car accident. His right elbow was so badly injured that the doctor told him, which ever way we set your elbow, that is the way it will remain because you will never regain its use. He had the doctor set his elbow in a 90 degree angle
so that he could continue to cradle a guitar and pick. He miraculously regained use of his right elbow
a year and a half later. In 1950 Les Paul had his own radio show
called "The Les Paul Show" on NBC Radio. A few years later he starred in a short
tv show called "The Les Paul & Mary Ford Show". In the late 1960's Les went into a semi-retirement status. By the 1980's he returned to an active performance status. In 2006 Les recieved 2 grammys at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards.
Being 90 years old at this time, it was quite the achievement. Les Paul continued to play and be an active member
in the musical field. On August 12th, 2009 Paul died of pneumonia in
White Plains, New York. He died at a ripe age of 94.
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