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Flawed dogs

No description

Athena Schultz

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Flawed dogs

Thank you for watching Berkeley Breathed Flawed Dogs published by: Danger Adventure
Exitment Mystery
Thrills Love
Death Fiction
Fantasy Romance Genre Characters Quote "Sam the lion they called ya before but Yer not yer a dog a dogs got twice the heart of a worthless smelly snortin lion! yer heart sammy set that thing right" By: Peaches What would you give this book By: Athena Schultz Flawed dogs Blue: a blue pit bull with lavender spots Madam: a cat nosed Greyhound with a glove as a muzzle. Tusk: a dog slash rinocerous with a horn made of hair on his nose. Wee Wee: a dog the size of a yard mole Bug: a almost hairless mutt with wrinkles , piano wire hair and bulging eyeballs. Fabio: a lanky greyhound pointer beagle mix with no front paws. Sam: a golden brown dauchound Heirdy: sams teenage halftime owner Blurb Heidy a teenage girl falls in love with a priceless golden brown Dachshund named Sam and they become best friends after being framed by Cassie a jealous poodle
And being kicked around and abandoned on the streets can Sam mack it home in time and find Heidy our be lost forever. If yes try the book you'll love it. If no go find a good book that suites you. peaches: a scottish terrier and a dust mop mix covered in dirt with static hair
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