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The Wild Zoo

No description

Jacklyn Tran

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of The Wild Zoo

This prezi is a tour of my zoo. In my part of the zoo I have two animals since I have a group. My animals are seals and elephants but I will put 2 slides for seals since since I will tell you about true seals and fur seals. I will tell you about these animals in my part and then I will tell about the zoo. The cages are for animals that are endagered.
True Seals
Elephants live 60-70 years. Elephants eat dirt and grass. They weigh up to 7,000 kg. Elephants live in cool and hot places. Elephants stick together to be protected. They hook there trunks to the elephants tail that is in front of them. They take bathes with mud and dirt. When these animals are hot they flap there huge ears so they can be cool. These animals are endangered since people want there tucks.
Snack Stands
There is 2 snack stands in my zoo. One is called Juicy Fruit and the other is called Candy Stand. Juicy Fruit sells all types of juicy fruit. Candy Stand sells candy.
Gift Shops
The park in The Wild Zoo is called Sea Park since it's a water park. Sea Park has sprinklers, pools, water slides and stuff like that.
The aquarium is called Fish World Even though the aquarium is called Fish world it has lots of fish and other sea creatures. It has lots of tanks that have amazing sea creatures.
The Wild Zoo
By Jacklyn Tran
The Wild Zoo
Fur seals
Fur seals look like sea lions. Fur seals also have ears just like sea lions. There ears are rolled up tightly. Some fur seals eyes are dark colored. There is over 1 million fur seals in the world! Fur seals can rotate there rear flippers to swim and use there front flippers to turn while true seals use there front flippers to swim and there rear flippers to turn. They eat small fish and small squid. These animals are endangered by using fur from fur seals and making clothes out of the fur from fur seals.Fur seals can live up to 25 years.
Seals don't have ears. Seals need to live in a group because they don't have anything to protect them. Seals eat small fish that live in cold places. Some seals live to 46 years. Mothers have a bond with seals just when the seal pups are born by sniffing and calling to the seal pup. While seals go look for food like small fish and small squid they need to breath air. Seals can breath underwater for an hour. They use air holes to breath in the water. Seals mate in water for protection.
The wild zoo has 2 gift shops. One is called Toy Land and the other is called Safari Presents. Toy Land sells toys and Safari Presents sells presents.
The restaurant is called Food Island. Food Island
has food that tastes delicious. It has seafood,meat and vegetables. You can order a free cake on a celabration. It can be any flavor.
Thank you for watching or
listening this prezi.
The Wild Zoo
Seal Pool
Seal Pool
Elephant Forest
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