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DA Presentation

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Beth Box

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of DA Presentation

Initial Instructional Review 2013-2014
School Demographics
697 students total
48.8% White
7.6% Black
41.6% Hispanic/Latino
20.8% Students with Disabilities
76.5% Economically Disadvataged
6.9% ELL

Principal's Overview
2012-2013 Data
for Yearling Middle School
Andy Brewer - Principal
Kim Markham - Assistant Principal
Brent Stuart - Dean
Jeremy Goff - Reading Coach
Beth Box - Teacher
Florida Department of Education
Region III Differentiated Accountability
Dr. Ella M. Thompson
Regional Executive Director
Overall Summary of School
Yearling Middle School is in Okeechobee and is a distant territory inside an urban cluster that is more than 10 miles and less than or equal to 35 miles from an urbanized area.
The school includes grades 6-9 and has a total of 712 students which is 33.3% less than the average for all Florida public schools.
We have a total of 42 full time equivalent teachers whose average teaching experience is 13 years, which is significantly more than the average for public schools. The student to teacher ratio is 17:1.
The faculty and staff work well together and foster a familial atmosphere as evidenced by the 2012-2013 climate surveys.
FCAT Reading
FCAT Writing and Science
School-Wide Data Snapshot
Reading: Yearling Middle School will increase the percentage of students scoring at a high standard in reading.
61% of students will score a 3 or above in reading
Mathematics: Yearling Middle School will increase the percentage of students scoring at a high standard in math.
55% of students will score a 3 or above in reading
Writing: Yearling Middle School will increase the percentage of students scoring a 3.5 or above on FCAT Writing.
50% of students will score a 3.5 or above in writing
Teacher buy-in
Student Motivation
Parental Support
Training and Collaboration time
Math as an isolated subject
Conventions and Mechanics
Time for writing instruction
Core teachers lack knowledge in calibrating scoring rubrics
Mystery Theater
McTeacher Night
Title I Meetings
Quarterly Awards
Voluntary Parent Night
AVID/Science Fair/FFA Open House
Band Concerts
Student participation in determining learning goals
Impact books
Reflex Math
Administration and the leadership team will monitor progress through the use of Performance Matters, FCAT assessments, rubric based assessments, and WOWs.
Leadership Team
Andy Brewer - Principal - Educational Leadership
Kim Markham - A.P. - School Management
Brent Stuart - Dean - Student Discipline and Facilities
Instructional Coaches
Jeremy Goff - Reading Coach
Marcie Farrell - Science
Sylvia Bandi - Math
Beth Box - Language Arts and Writing
DA Support
Regional Executive Director:
Dr. Ella M. Thompson - ella.thompson@fldoe.org
MTSS/Data Specialist:
Mrs. Teresa DiBiasio - teresa.dibiasio@fldoe.org
School Improvement Specialists:
Dr. Tisome Nugent-ELA Concentration - tisome.nugent@fldoe.org
Ms. Danielle Esposito-Science/Math Concentration - danielle.esposito@fldoe.org
School Non-Negotioables
Preservation of class time
Reading and writing across the curriculum (Gale Resource)
Objective Scales and rubrics
A collaborative school mission
Bell to bell instruction
Student engagement
Cooperative learning
Deep conceptual knowledge
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