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Science Project

No description

Ambar Marungo

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Science Project

Science Fair Project
Ambar Marungo
Period:4 Topic:
Will bananas brown faster on the counter or refrigerator? Materials:
Camera Hypothesis:
My prediction is that the bananas in the refrigerator will brown faster. Purpose:
I did this experiment because I wanted to find out if bananas brown faster on the counter or refrigerator Procedures:
First, I bought 2 bananas and placed one on the counter at a room temperature.

Next, I placed the other banana inside the refrigerator.

Then, I took pictures after a couple days on how they look like

Finally, I just recorded my results. Dependent Variable:
Is the brown skin on the bananas that are in the refrigerator. Independent Variable:
Is the refrigerator because I got to control the atmosphere in which the bananas stayed. Controlled Variables:
Has to stay at room temperature. Day1- Day2- Day3- Day4- Day5 Counter
Refrigerator No Change No Change No Change Brown covering most banana Some Brown Lines No Change No Change Slightly Brown Brown Spots Completely Brown Conclusion: My hypothesis was correct because bananas did
brown faster in the refrigerator then on the counter. The bananas didn't stay fresh. But, the ones on the counter did. Abstract:
I was testing an experiment on bananas to see where would they brown faster on the counter or refrigerator. Results
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