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Transcript of Anti-Bullying

Cyber By: Danya, Neileigh, and Katie Bullying Did you know that every in children (43%) have been cyber bullied? Well it's true and it NEEDS to STOP Only in victims of cyber bullying go to an adult for help, and did you know that girls are TWICE as likely to get cyber bullied? Victims of cyber bullying are also 2 to 9 times more likely to commit suicide. People are taking their lives, just to escape being harrassed and embarrased. I think that we should all pay more attention to what we say online. 1 10 1 4 How to... Cyber Bullying Prevent You can prevent cyber bullying by NOT deleting ANY messages you receive from the bully. If you aren't comfortable going to an adult, write a letter or an email to them, they will totally understand. If you can find out why they started bullying you, you might be able to stop them. If this doesn't work, just do the obvious and block them. This can easily resolve your problems. You can also try just speaking to the bully. Impact The effect of bullying is not easy. Cyber bullying can cause short and long term depression. It can cause you to feel unwanted, not special, even stupid. Even if it doesn't feel at the time that it will effect you, it WILL. Cyber bullying cause you to become more self conscious, and you will feel worse and worse about yourself everyday that you don't do anything. For girls or young women (it can effect men, but the numbers are much lower.) it can also cause eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Believe it or not, but it can even effect your schooling by making you drop out, skip school or fail because you're too focused on the bullying issue. Long Term Short Term WILL Bullying Occurs Why Cyber Cyber bullying occurs because for some reason many children all around the world believe that because they can't see your face, and you can't see theirs that you won't care. This is NOT true because everything sinks in the same way. You CAN Make a Difference!!! Others bully in both cyber bullying and other types because they feel left out, uncool, or very self-conscious causing them to want others to feel the same. The End
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