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Final Event

No description

tali hason

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Final Event

Restaurant for REENA Masterpiece Corp. Contacts Objective Reena is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children, adults and senior citizens with developmental disabilities. The programs and support Reena offers to people living with developmental disabilities and their families include:
•Residential support and programs
•Counselling and therapy
•Day programs
•Pathways to the Community
•Respite Services
•Senior Living
•Judaic programs Reena was established in 1973 by parents of children with developmental disabilities, as an alternative option to institutions. Reena strives to create and maintain an environment that respects and promotes dignity, individuality, independence and freedom of choice within a framework of Jewish culture and values. Bruce Kurta is a media and public relation professional currently working with the Reena Foundation.

Mr. Kurta helped us in creating a board for us to display in our event and during the week. He also helped us in forming an initial contact with Reena and with the delivering of the cheque. Mandarin Restaurant donated two of their famous dishes to be served at our event: had also supported our event by donating a gift card to be used for food purchasing purposes. Another contact would be Mr. Coates who helped us in coming up with the idea of a restaurant, and Ms. Sardone who discussed with us the menu possibilities and ideas. Target Market The target audience for our event were males and females aged 13-17 attending Westmount C.I. We sold food at our restaurant, including a variety of appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and drinks. We also sold raffle tickets for the chance to win one of three prizes. Product Each raffle ticket was priced at $2 per ticket, and $5 for three tickets. We felt that giving them the $5 option would convince them to buy more raffle tickets, as they would get a good deal out of it, by saving a dollar. We raffled items such as movie tickets, Body Shop gift set, and H&M gift card. Price Place The restaurant itself was held in the atrium outside the cafeteria from 12:10 – 1:15 on December 14th, 2012. It was originally planned to be inside the cafeteria itself, but it was determined that it would take business away from the Westmount Cafeteria. There were three tables set up in a square formation, allowing customers to move around easily and see the food available for purchase. Marketing
Strategy Promotion: During Event Week (December 10th – 14th), a table was set up to raise awareness of our charity and event during select periods (2/3, and 5). The table included soft music playing that students were able to identify with, a poster board displaying our print ad, and flyers with our print ad. There was also a donation box, as well as three raffle boxes for the chance to win prizes, and print ads that students and teachers could take with them. On Wednesday, December 12th, an announcement for Restaurant for REENA played over the Westmount Broadcasting Network. Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties in putting up our television commercial. However, we did get a high reach nonetheless. To make up for the commercial, our message was passed on through a Facebook event and general word-of-mouth advertising.
On the day of the event, we put up the poster board with the print ad, as well as a poster board displaying our menu, so that students could see what we have to offer in the atrium.
Our print advertisements were high frequency, as they were posted in many areas around the school. They were also a good medium to use in this situation, because our target market was students of Westmount, and the students would be walking around the school to get to their classes. Promotion There were many reasons why our print advertisement was effective. First of all, it includes the Enjoyment, Sense Appeal, and Convenience appeals of advertising. The food in the background appeals to the viewer’s senses, as well as promises enjoyment to those who attend. It also portrays convenience, as they would be helping those less fortunate, and have a good time while doing it.

According to AIDA, the brightly-coloured logo of Masterpiece Corp. and the name of the event, “Restaurant for REENA” in large, bold letters catches the viewer’s Attention. The food in the background, as well as the slogan “Great food for a great cause” maintains their Interest and a Desire to eat, as well as help the less fortunate. They are called to Action when they see the date and time that the restaurant is being hosted.

This print ad appeals to the Self-Actualization tier of Maslow’s Hierarchy, as it advertises good food to eat, as well as the chance to help others in need.
The image portrayed in the advertisement is that of a generally benevolent person: always helping others in need, and kind-hearted to those less fortunate.

The colours we used were blue and white. Even though it doesn’t appeal to the “edible” quality of the event, pictures of food dishes can be seen in the background of the ad. The blue used in the advertisement relaxes the viewer, in letting them know that they are helping the needy. The blue and white also matched the logo for the REENA Foundation, drawing parallels between the event and the organization. Masterpiece Corp. was aiming to achieve many things our event. The concept of our event was a Holiday themed, take-out restaurant in the atrium. We hoped to provide Westmount students, staff, and administration with a delicious and inexpensive lunch for the day. We wanted to raise a sufficient amount of money for our charity, Reena, and we also wanted to spread awareness about Reena, because it really is a great organization. Our primary target market was students at Westmount Collegiate institute, in all grades. The reason why we targeted for all grades was according to our market research; each and every grade had high percentages of students who said that they would attend. 87% of the Grade 9s we surveyed said that they would attend our event. 84% of the Grade 10s we surveyed said that they would attend our event. 53% of the Grade 11s we surveyed said that they would attend our event. And, 73% of the Grade 12s we surveyed said that they would attend our event. Overall, these are high numbers, so we could expect a great turnout. But, we needed to consider the food restrictions of the school body, and provide kosher options, as well as gluten/dairy free and vegetarian products. Our event has tons of potential to achieve the results we wanted, because we adhered to everything Westmount desired. We made our event take-out style, because that is how the Westmount body wanted our restaurant to be. Also, we provided a variety of dishes that anyone could enjoy. We had Kosher, Gluten free, vegetarian, and lactose free options, because that is what Westmount said they needed. All grades except for Grade 9 answered that Taste is the main thing they are concerned about when going to a restaurant. So, we have to make sure each item has a good taste, to satisfy their needs. Grade 9 answered that they care most about the Price. We priced our items at a moderate cost, which will be mentioned later; to make sure we had customers. Our original plan was to have majority of the food donated from mandarin, and a small amount of food donated from other restaurants. Unfortunately, Mandarin could not provide us with as much food as we needed and we had to turn to our Plan B and C. Plan B was to get food from Pickle Barrel, Maki Sushi, Yummy Grill, What A Bagel, and any other franchises that would be willing to donate. We would then make the rest of the food. None of the above companies were able to donate, but this lead us to our Plan C and final Plan. Plan C was to receive food from Walmart and Superstore, and the rest would be purchased by Masterpiece Corp. members. Although this resulted in high expenses, we tried our absolute best to receive as many food donations as we could. We still believe that our event was a success. Competition We were competing with the other corporate teams, as well as the Cafeteria, and other neighboring franchises around Westmount, like Starbucks, and What a Bagel. Event Image Our restaurant was holiday-themed, as it was in December and most people were already thinking of the holidays. Our restaurant was decorated with red and white colours, and the staff wore Santa hats, and other holiday-themed items were displayed, as well. We would like our restaurant to be memorable and well-known, so we put a great amount of detail into our decorations and general atmosphere, as well as the banners. Soft music was playing in the background. Contingency Plans Marketing Objective We had the advantages, though, because our prices were much lower than theirs, and our food had the best quality and taste offered. Print Advertising Facebook Page Grade Breakdown Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12 For our commercial, we decided to use this song because it is very upbeat and popular, catching the viewers at the event.

We priced our food items at an intentionally low price in order to draw in potential customers. We also provided combo deals by bundling certain food items together, and we priced items such as the cookies at “5 for $1.50” and the raffle tickets at “3 for $5”. This will lead the customer to believe that they are getting a better deal for their money.

The photos used in the background are pictures taken from events that Reena has held, and include volunteers and students in the learning program. The font we used was bold and green, causing a calming effect but at the same time was a great contrast between the photos, aiding in catching the attention from viewers. Restrictions Research Analysis The general image of our typical consumer was that they were a teenager, whose main priority is having fun and spending time with friends. They would be very impulsive and live in the moment, and tend not to plan ahead. In this case if they didn’t know that there was a common lunch on December 14th, and they still would be happy to enjoy a meal with their friends. They would look for good deals and good food for a cheap price and would also be very brand-loyal to food companies and restaurants that they already eat at.

By looking at the general image of our consumer, we can fit this to a Westmount student: they didn’t know that there was a common lunch on December 14th and, being not very big on planning, didn’t plan to go out to a restaurant to eat lunch. They would be looking for cheap, good food. When they come across the restaurant, they will be drawn in by brand names such as Mandarin and to cheap prices. Reflections & Conclusions Overall, our team accomplished all of our goals. We raised $50.30 during the week, and $128.11 on the day of the event. We also raised awareness for the great organization, Reena. and provided Westmount with delicious and inexpensive meals for the day. Commercial
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