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EY Yellow

No description

Mark Linder

on 6 September 2011

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Transcript of EY Yellow

Ernst & Young
'Yellow Branding' the
Growth Conversation 3.Channel neutral, "new" 1. Emotional Engagement
Growth ambassador 2 Mutual interest
and "interestingness" use overview to show relations Planning is here is important is important too is important The Beam demonstrates forward momentum, energy and optimism. The Input symbolizes how we recognize and harness the power of diverse inputs. The Output symbolizes taking action to inspire and deliver the most positive benefits. The point at which Input becomes Output is called the Inflection point. Yellow communicates optimism, light, insight and energy. Yellow helps us stand apart. 4. "Yellow" media to amplify Vision The vision is to position EY as a convener, catalyst and leading player in the global conversation about the challenge of growth. “The Great Game of Growth” In this one, you pretend you are a young entrepreneur taking your local business on a journey of expansion across the whole world. Along the way you need to out smart the competition, deal with the different cultures you encounter and keep the cash flowing” Targeted Growth Series
EY collaboration with TNS
TGS is a series of insight/ advisory studies that de-compose the growth challenge, identify specific, practicable strategies for growth Future of Globalization
A collaboration with Outsights, the Futuring company Supplemental to the National/ international "of Record" media

Global titles that represent global impact Concept : a “social object” in the form of a PC/Mobile game that appeals to recruits (and gets noticed by the C-suite) Omaar
Friedman Elements of conversation Mutual buy-in,
emotional engagement Mutual interest, and "interestingness" Channel neutral, "new" Rageh Omaar -- (born 19 July 1967) is a Somali born British journalist and writer. His latest book Only Half of Me deals with the tensions between these two sides of his identity. He used to be a BBC world affairs correspondent, where he made his name reporting from Iraq. In September 2006, he moved to a new post at Al Jazeera English, where he presented the nightly weekday documentary series Witness until January 2010. The Rageh Omaar Report, first aired February 2010, is a new one-hour, monthly investigative documentaries in which Rageh Omaar reports on the world's most important current affairs stories. Bill Emmott (born August 6, 1956) is an English journalist.
... worked for The Economist newspaper in Brussels, Tokyo and London, becoming editor in March 1993. He resigned on 20 February 2006. During his tenure, the circulation of The Economist doubled from 500,000 to nearly 1,100,000 weekly sales.

He is chairman of the London Library, a trustee of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, and chairman of an online start-up in social-media rankings, PeerIndex; he is also a member of the Swiss Re Chairman's Advisory Panel; a member of the board of the Salzburg Global Seminar; and co-Chairs the Canada Europe Roundtable for Business.

Bill Emmott also wrote the best-selling book The Sun Also Sets: The Limits to Japan's Economic Power as well as 20:21 Vision: Twentieth-Century Lessons for the Twenty-First Century, His latest book is about Italy, "Forza, Italia: Come Ripartire dopo Berlusconi". Tyler Brûlé (born 1968) is a Canadian journalist, entrepreneur, and magazine publisher. He is the editor-in-chief of Monocle and a columnist for the Weekend FT.

In March 1994, Brule was shot twice by a sniper in an ambush in Kabul while covering the Afghanistan war for German news magazine, Focus.

In 1996 Brûlé took out a small business loan and launched Wallpaper*, a style and fashion magazine. Time Inc bought it in 1997, and kept Brûlé on as editorial director.

In 2001, he became the youngest ever recipient of the British Society of Magazine Editors' Lifetime Achievement Award.

In May 2002, Brûlé left Wallpaper and concentrated on Winkreative. He had a no-compete clause with Wallpaper for 2.5 years.[5]
In 2005, Brûlé hosted the TV media magazine The Desk on BBC Four.

Monocle, which launched February 14, 2007. Brule later stated "Monocle is the media project I always wanted to do".

Monocle is a journal published ten times a year in the UK - but with bureaux in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Zurich and New York. It covers everything from politics to shopping. Monocle bears the tagline "A briefing on global affairs, business, culture and design". Tony Juniper (born 24 September 1960) is a British environmental campaigner, author and commentator most recognised for his work as Executive Director of Friends of the Earth, England, Wales and Northern Ireland and Vice Chair of Friends of the Earth International from 2000-2008.[

At Friends of the Earth Juniper oversaw the campaign that ensured the inclusion of a Climate Change Bill in the Queen's Speech 2006. This was supported by his successful "Big Ask" Campaign throughout 2005 and 2006.

Juniper now works in a variety of roles. Amongst others he is a Special Adviser to the Prince of Wales' Rainforest Project and a Senior Associate with the Cambridge University Program for Industry. Niall Ferguson (born April 18, 1964)[1] is a British historian who specialises in financial and economic history, particularly hyperinflation and the bond markets, as well as the history of colonialism.

Ferguson, born in Glasgow, is the Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History at Harvard University as well as William Ziegler Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, and also currently the Philippe Roman Chair in History and International Affairs at the London School of Economics.

He was educated at the private Glasgow Academy in Scotland, and at Magdalen College, Oxford. During the 2008 U.S. presidential election, Ferguson advised Senator John McCain's campaign.

In the UK, Ferguson is probably best known as the author of Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World. In 2008, Ferguson published The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World, which he also presented as a Channel 4 television series. Both at Harvard College and at LSE, Ferguson teaches a course entitled "Western Ascendancy: The Mainsprings of Global Power from 1600 to the Present." Thomas Loren Friedman (born July 20, 1953) is an American journalist, columnist and author. He writes a twice-weekly column for The New York Times. He has written extensively on foreign affairs including global trade, the Middle East, and environmental issues and has won the Pulitzer Prize three times.

Friedman has won the Pulitzer Prize three times:
1983: for his coverage of the war in Lebanon. A distinguished example of international reporting.
1988: for coverage of Israel: a distinguished example of reporting on international affairs
2002: for his commentary illuminating the worldwide impact of the terrorist threat. Tns Growth platform is a systematic method for de-composing growth strategies

"Precision Growth" is the TNS business strategy Outsights is a leading futures consultancy. Established in 1996 to help clients to anticipate, interpret and act on important developments in the external world Outsights methodology engages influentials and other known research to develop plausible scenarios Content can be mediatized through interviews, film, workshops, documents TNS and EY would co-brand a series of provocative studies

TNS could be the agent-provocateur Ethnography: A Bottom-Up Look at Growth
Use of Growth Ambassador to act as a 'roving reporter' for EY, looking at examples of innovation in growth and globalisation around the world, reporting back to GB events with human interest pieces that can be further incorporated into all marketing and communications
Use of all TGS and Futuring output in contextualizing for film
Opportunity for EY practices to give local initiatives a global platform: ensures that the centre is seen as an enabler and facilitator rather than as a director; successful first examples create a virtuous circle, with competition to be highlighted over three year period
Outputs might include Growth Ambassador-authored short documentaries, blog posts, thought leadership placed with 'Yellow Media', annual 'Growing Global Award' to best local growth initiative
Positions E&Y as the champion of local entrepreurship and innovation in developing markets and sectors Growth Ethnography Example 1: The Cocoa Plan
To ensure that there is a good supply of high quality cocoa, Nestlé is investing CHF 110 million over the next decade in shared value initiatives in West Africa and Latin America to increase yields by:
Providing advice on farming practices and securing inputs such as plant stock, pesticides and fertilisers
Guaranteeing bank loans to farmers, helping them to invest in new technology
Establishing local facilities to measure quality at point of purchase, allowing it to pay a premium for better beans directly to growers and thus improve their incentives
Early studies of cocoa farmers in Cote d'Ivoire suggest that these investments can raise incomes to local farmers by more than 300% Growth Ethnography Example 2: Tata Swach

Water-borne disease is the single greatest threat to global health, with diarrhoea, jaundice, typhoid, cholera, polio, and gastroenteritis spread by contaminated water.
Requiring no energy or running water to operate, an early version of the Tata Swach water purifier first saw the light of day as part of the Tsunami relief efforts.
The replaceable filter-based product, which is entirely portable and based on low-cost natural ingredients, delivers safe drinking water at a new market benchmark of Rs30 per month for a family of five. One bulb can purify up to 3000 litres of water, before the bulb prevents water from flowing Unique sponsorship, all iPad
content 2011 2013 2012 EY/TNS G-B Partnership
"Overcoming the growth challenge
in Western Europe" EY/Outsights G-B Partnership

"The future of debt" EY Growth ambassador
(appearance W Europe)
"EY engages Bill Emott"" EY/TNS G-B Partnership

"Overcoming the growth challenge in North America" EY/Outsights G-B Partnership

"The future of the corporation' Market Clients Recruits Regulators potential Proposals Measures of performance
Measures of effect 'If you have any interest in pursuing this, by all means get in touch with me with more details of what you have in mind." Criteria Growth
Conversation Harmonized with GB strategy,
events Credible with key audiences
Catch the media's imagination Attractive to other EY properties, practices
pre-existing initiatives
(EoY, Item Club, EIU Globalization Index etc) Barbara Ann Cassani, CBE, (born July 22, 1960) is an American businesswoman. She was the founder under British Airways of budget airline Go Fly and was the first leader of London's bid for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

She worked as a management consultant for Coopers & Lybrand before moving to work in the US operation of British Airways.

In 1997, facing increasing competition from low cost airlines Ryanair and EasyJet, British Airways decided to found its own budget offering, to be known as 'Go'. Chief Executive Bob Ayling selected Cassani for the task, giving her only £25 million in seed capital. The company began operations in 1998 and reached profitability two years later. In 2001 Cassani led a management buyout of the company and became its first Chief Executive.

She next released a book detailing her experiences at Go; Go - An Airline Adventure. In October 2003 Cassani became a non-executive director of retailer Marks & Spencer, a position she relinquished when she accepted the olympic position. Leveraging components to create EY content Interesting stories, new to the world These components work together

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