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Communities of the World

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Ryan Freeman

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Communities of the World

What is Community? “Every kid around the world who plays soccer wants to be Pele. I have a great responsibility to show them not just how to be like a soccer player, but how to be like a man.” – Pele Harrison Ford Steven Spielberg George Lucas Communication Jaws Roy Scheider Robert Shaw Richard Dreyfuss Harrison Ford Indiana Jones What is Community? A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it. -Alfred Hitchcock
Robert Downey Jr. Jon Favreau Humphrey Bogart Ingrid Bergman Chrstian Bale Christopher Nolan Katie Holmes The production of movies involves alot of people, and all good
movies happen because of communication. The directors, actors,
producers, camera men, designers, writers, wardrob specialists (ect.
ect.), any good film critic would argue that if a movie is to work, these guys
must all learn to communicate. Just look at the three somewhat well known individuals to the right. You can really visuallize how communication is key here. They could be discussing the planning of the next scene, or even more importantly, what kind of
pizza they want for lunch. Whatever it might be communication was a necessity. Another angle of this is the communication of the release of upcoming movies to the general public. Movie trailers are very important for a film's success. This use of the media is just another form of communication. Of course the last example of communicaton within this community occurs when movies are succcesful and the fans naturally must talk about them; many times for years and years after the movie has been released. Cast of "Up" The Fans! "Johnny Depp" SA Fans! The English! Those crazy Spaniards... How do they see the game? Football is America's game, "Futbol" is the world's.
No single event gets people on their feet and screaming
like soccer, nor does anything else have the power to unite
thousands the way this game does.
You may not like a fellow countryman, but for
an hour and a half, you are friends. Because it's better to
share a pint with him than the guy screaming for the other
team. Because what's the goal of a soccer game?
For the fans, the players and the coaches, it is to win.
Not only that, but win big and send the other team home
crying. They are all connected because of this. Goals The "Red Carpet" is a famous showing of the movie
community. You get to see not only the stars, but also
the people connected with the movies, and this infor-
mation is communicated mostly through media, whether
it be through entertainment shows or through a picture like
this one here. They always seem to leave out the most
important folks though.....(Click) Even Pele' had a goal. Well he had many, but I'm
talking about the other kind of goal... Beliefs The franchise that started a revolution. Soon to come. "Ashes to Ashes" trailer. At the start of the semester, we all formulated our own personal definitions of community.
As the class' knowledge grew, each of our definitions evolved and changed as the assignments forced us to concider new angles about community. Today, my definition is very different from where it started. My original definition was like a rough draft; it was very crude and basic yet provided a good foundation for the growth of my understanding. My definition as it stands now is that community is basically undefinable. The reason I have come up with this is because "community" itself is far too dynamic of a concept to be easily defined, and every hard, straight definiton I have encountered thus far has seemed too rigid and does not do the term justice. Essentially, no matter what kind of constraint you try to put on community, it will always prove you wrong with exceptions to your rule. For instance, you say "people of the same community must be located near each other geographically," then what about the whole online community? Another example is classifying communities as people who share the same beliefs; members of the UN are a group of connected people that share many different beliefs. In fact, their primary concerns all involve negotiating and communicating the different beliefs and policies of the many nations of the world. Will your definition be so strict as to exclude the UN as a community?

I view community now as a way in which people are connected. It's as simple as that. You can 't really apply anymore boundaries than this. It really depends on how specific you want to be with your definition, but if a group of people are connected by or through some medium, they are a community to me. My presentation here is supposed to show how this can be a complete definition. In my presentation I show four different communites that each contain some of the many kinds of qualities a community could possess. Again, just because one community has one characteristic does not mean another community will have that characteristic too because the concept of a community is diverse. However, remember that the commonality between these four communities, as well as all the others, is connection.

Overall, I hope that my presentation and this little bit of wrtting will be a testament to how much I have learned about community and about writting during this course.

Millions of muslims journey to "Mecca" at some point in their lifetime. It is part of their culture and a journey that results in a spectacular scene. Rarely do you see a movement of people of this magnitude. But none of these people really know each other at all. How then can you call them a community? Are they a community at all? By my definition, absolutely. They were all brought here for a reason, they are all connceted in this way. They are conneceted by their beliefs. Location This frame is not so much about the importance of location
in community, but more of its unimportance. In this day in
age with, the power of the internet, people can connect all around the world
from the comforts of their own homes (or basement). The gaming
community is an enormous group and a clear example of this.
Individuals of all ages, creed, ethnicity and backgrounds can become
friends (or enemies) online by playing their favorite video games and sharing their experience with one another in the process. To further demonstrate how location does not matter, take a look at these gatherings of people who traveled from all over the world to unite with those who share their passion (in this case, it didn't matter to the fans how far they had to travel and to which location). (Click) Call of duty. MoW2. "WoW" First to buy Halo 3... New York, NY. Happy Guy Very Happy Guy Halo 3 line outside of Best Buy. Marcus Fenix "In real life"
Epic Games headquarters
Cary, NC. Blizzcon is an event hosted by Blizzard Entertainment. They provide a location where fans of their games can get together and meet and in some cases even dress up. Thousands attend and tickets to Blizzcon 2010 sold out before they went on sale.
-Blizzcon 2009. Anaheim, CA. Vatican City, St. Petersburg Square. The Vatican, beautiful and magnificent, is its own city. It's not special like most other cities that are big, or advanced or filled with giant skyscrapers; it's unique because its a religious city. The Vatican is a completely sovereign region smack in the middle of Rome. It has a population of 800 people who all share common beliefs of the Roman Catholic denomination of Christianity. It is Catholism that makes it a distinct area and a seperate community from its surroundings. That is the connection. "I have a dream." His "dream" or belief formed a community. For just this instant here and for eternity. The belief of equality; the community of real Americans. All the believers were together and had everything in common.
-Acts 2:44 The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow. -Bill Gates Nike Shox! "Leeerrrrooyyy"
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