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Future Worlds Project

No description

Lily Fetterman

on 2 November 2017

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Transcript of Future Worlds Project

The government in 50 years will be pretty similar to the government today, however the United States will not be as popular as other countries. Many of the more "popular" and wealthy countries will have taken over smaller countries to increase territory, which will lead to an easier agreement between everyone worldwide on different topics.
Groceries will be delivered to your door by drones or self driven cars. Most shopping will be done online, and the only stores still available will be big box stores like Walmart and Target, but higher end goods will be available. Money will not be as big of a problem, because everyone has somewhat the same saved up, and as income. Celebrities will only exist for their fame and "talent" but there will be very few. One of the new laws was that any inherited money had to be distributed to the lower and middle class.
Mostly everyone will be healthy, because of the pills. Many cures for diseases such as cancer, HIV, and TB will be found, and sent out worldwide. Medical science will make many breakthroughs with these cures and just keep going. Also, people will have a small device implanted to let them know if something was wrong before it happens. Strokes, seizures, and diseases will be caught before they affect you.
Relaxing is a big part of the society, and is usually spent with family, friends, or on technology. Parks are where most time is spent with friends and family. Technology is much more advanced and there is free internet all over the world, accessible to everyone.
I think our future wont be as close to this as I hope, but in some ways I think it could be possible. Some of these things I completely agree with an some i don't. Either way I don't think our society in 50 years will be as great as some may think.
One primary concern is war. If a war begins, it will usually end earlier (within a few months, even weeks). They have a lot less casualties too. More people are working from behind computers and sending out drones or planes with bombs. People are also controlling robots to fight for them.
Future Worlds Project
Lily Fetterman
Family will be more connected because the amount of time spent in school will be less. Technology will still be a major part in our lives but connect us even more than we are today. People choose their partners and have a much less divorce rate because money is not an issue and communication has increased.
Private schooling will still be an option, but public schools will no longer exist. Private schooling will cost more than the regular home/cyber schooling because children will be educated in more people skills and morals, and therefore is the better option in ways. However, most families will not be able to afford private schooling and will go with the cyberschool instead. Students will take the regular classes but increase importance in math and computer science. There will also be an easier way to choose your classes at an earlier age. College will also be available online for degrees in technology, medicine, teaching, and architecture.
Most jobs will not be needed, however we still need engineers, some medical professionals, and people to create all the technology we use. Teachers will not be as needed, but we will still need some for the private schools. The technology department will be the biggest, and have inventors for new ideas, and the other people working to make what is needed. Architects will also be working with construction workers for the buildings and houses.
We will have more expensive homes, but they will be a lot smaller than some of the houses today. The outside of the house will be very similar to every other house in your area, depending on where you live. The insides will have larger rooms, but less square feet. You will be able to have the kitchen become the dining room, or a tv room/ lounge area, become a bedroom just by pushing a button.
All the food in the world will be available to you, and new types will be derived from the originals. You can eat as much as you'd like and not gain any weight because of the special pills given every day. The pills will help speed your metabolism and give you a choice of workout like cardio or strength. These will be limited to a certain amount every day and will be distributed to your door every morning. Fast food will still be available but will be healthier for you.
There is more freedom to wear what you want all throughout your entire life (even in school!) There are more designer brands coming to the surface and everyone has a different sense of style.
Global warming will be slowed down because the use of cars has decreased. We will still have some of our National Parks but they will be way decreased in size. Towns will be close together and be assigned certain "parks" with wildlife and plants/trees. Not all wildlife and plant species will be lost, scientists will take samples to duplicate them whenever they can in the future.
Cars will still be used, but not very often. Driver-less cars will be in use to get people from their homes to a station where large subways will take people from place to place. We also will have underground tunnels with highspeed trains to go to other countries across the seas.
There has been foreign life forms found on our planet, and others. We have traveled to planets inside and outside our solar system, and made allies. However we do not communicate very often. More species are found in the depths of the ocean every day.
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