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Texas Tech University

No description

Jaylon Cole

on 6 January 2011

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Transcript of Texas Tech University

exas ech University This presentation will give you an inside view of life at Texas Tech University Size and Location Texas Tech is about 330 miles away from Dallas Tx, which is about a 6 hour drive There are 24,000 undergraduate students and about 6,000 gradute students The capmus is located on 1,839 acres of land in Lubbock Tx Enviroment Texas Tech is a 4 year university Located in an urban enviroment No religious affiliation Co-ed There are about 200,000 people in Lubbock, TX. Admission Requirements The deadline to aply is May 1st The ACT or SAT is required for the application process The average ACT score is 24
The average unweighted GPA is 3.32 and weighted is 3.52
The SAT math is 564
SAT reading is 634
The SAT writing is 568 Academics We have 104 majors offered at TTU Regardless of your major you must take math and science courses during your first two years. The student falculty ratio is 24:1 Texas Tech University is acredited for its medical and engineering fields. The average class size for the core classes are 100 and for the major courses about 35 College Expenses In-state tuition is $8,260 Out of state tuition is $17,560 Room and board is $7,800 Books and Supplies is $1,000 Extra expenses on average is $3,390 In-state cost is about $20,450 Out of state cost is about $29,750 Financial Aid!!!!! Application fee is $50 The deadline for financial aid is April 15th 98.7% of people in need of aid got it There are 17 different kinds of scholarships available to students in need of aid Housing Facilities Activities Campus Visits You can visit the campus at any time if you schedual a visit but a speacial day is University Day where you must register to visit There is intramural football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and softball There are CLUBS FOR EVERYTHING Fraternities and soroities on campus organize community events, throw parties, and are brother and sisterhoods. We have a wide range of facilities including:
The Student Union
Recreation Center
Honors Dorm
Honors College The dorm options are:
Disability Rooms You pay for food in the price of admission which gives you an account of diner bucks
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