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Under Armour

No description

Rachel Davies

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Under Armour

Under Armour
The Campaign
Imagined Communities
The Campaign
The Campaign
Definition: "Grabs and holds the attention of the visitor"
Spreadability vs. Stickiness
What's more important?
What makes an idea Sticky?
1. Simple
2. Unexpected
3. Concrete
4. Credible
5. Emotional
6. Story
"The Boy Who Cried Wolf"
Aesop's fable from before 15th century

"Man on the Moon"
JFK speech from 1961
"Put a man on the moon and return him safely by the end of the decade"
UA's largest ever global campaign
Released in February 2013
Response to "Protect this house"
Promise to redefine performance
USA, England, Japan, China, Canada, and Mexico

Motivate fans to "spread the word"
Fans communicate messages of themselves by spreading new media
Content spreads further if it applies to multiple communities

name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of them, intended to

identify the
goods and services
of one seller or group of sellers and to
differentiate them from those of competition
. - American Marketing Association

Branding is the art of aligning w
hat you want people to think
about your company with
what people actually do think
about your company. And vice-versa. - Jay Baer -Convince & Convert. Author with Amber Naslund of The Now Revolution
Is #IWILL sticky?
Simple - yes
Unexpected - somewhat
Concrete - yes
Credible - yes
Emotional - not enough
Story - not enough

Two of the most successful branding campaigns of all time
De Beers
Shock factor
Emotional ties
"Earned" aspect of the media
more likely to notice, remember, share information
A Diamond is Forever
No marriage would be complete without a diamond ring sealing the deal
Diamond ring was a necessary luxury
Apple: Get a Mac
The campaign told us everything a customer needs to know about Mac computer in a clever and relatable way
"I'm a Mac"
market share growth in its first year of campaign
Components of Branding
Clear missions and purposes
Clear target market
Consistent brand Message
Solid relationship with the community
Advantages and Disadvantages
Helps expand and intensify customer awareness of a new emerging brand
Can intensify consumer loyalty by increasing emotional attachment

Messages can be misinterpreted
Can cause controversy

Is IWILL Spreadable?
Expresses themes of community
It is open to numerous communities
Allows it to spread globally
Professional Athletes increase spreadability
Has been repurposed

#IWILL Campaign in terms of branding
I Will Campaign
-Under Armour uses it's logo (to instil meaning)

-Athletic figures filling a cultural role

-The message is a cliche
When consumers shape the circulation of media content, often expanding its potential meanings

"We play a role in how media travels in culture"- Henry Jenkins

Attention Blindness
Biogramming and Culture
-Adrenaline-charged action shots

-Fit, athletic people

-Masculinity/femininity emphasized

-"You want to be these people"
-Directs focus towards the active "can do" mentality.

-Attempts to minimize realistic inadequacies.
-Ignores the concepts of loss and failure.

Four Basic Factors
1. Contains absurd humor or parody

2. Pose puzzles or enigmas which encourage us to seek out other information

3. Incomplete without our active participation

4. Express themes of community and nostalgia

How it has spread
Through Television and social media websites
Has a Facebook page
More than 2.5 Million Likes
More than 37 000 subscribers
More than 300 000 followers

Grab attention, gives meaning faster
"Our job is to make you better, to make all athletes better"
Underarmour will gives your strength and the greatest innovation in the market to get back up when facing obstacles
Appeals to different communities who thrive to be better in their fields
Consistent theme songs
Audience participation by challenging the audience at the end of each commercial: "Will you protect this house"

Imagined Community and
Community Participation

Imagined Community
Coincide with UA's brand value
"Every product we build must be better than what's currently available on the market"

"Let's be great"

"Be Humble and Stay Hungry."

Concept coined by B.Anderson
Study of radio and sound
No real boundaries, therefore community is imagined
92% receive news from multi media platforms
72% follow the news because they enjoy talking about what they saw on the news
50% rely on people around them to tell them the news they need to know
75% get news forwarded through e-mails or social networks sites
Proves that content s increasingly reaching us through social networks

Imagined Community in Under Armour
Encourages real life people to share how they overcome obstacles in their life
Community consists of people who support each other
Peer Centre For American Live Study:
Other Examples
Strong following of fans
Social Networking
Harry Potter
Sherlock Holmes
Other Examples
Term originally coined from radio
Exclusive and private
Develop trust and comfort sharing with hosts and other members of community
Community Participation
Imagined Community exists because of participation
By being active, they encourage others to be active as well
Thank you!
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