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Camels by Gabby

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 19 October 2017

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Transcript of Camels by Gabby

Camels by Amelia an Gabby
Life Cycle
28 days as a baby
diagram of a camel
They have humps to store fat and turns into food when they need it.
adult 60 years
13 months pregnant
Camels have padded feet that stops the camel from sinking into the sand and protects from the heat of the very hot desert surface.
Stretchy nostrills
help keep lots of

sand out
Long legs help camels not get burnt on the hot dry sand.
Thick hair on the back helps protect them

with the sun.
Camels reach the height of 7 big feet and weigh up to 1500 and specially when adapted to the desert life a luckily with all it's adaptation to the desert .
Camels are luckily to have it's adaptation for the desert because if camels didn't they would die of thrust or hunger and would die easily.So camels are very luckily
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