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Artisans of Ancient Egypt

No description

taylor 0630

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Artisans of Ancient Egypt

Artisans of Ancient Egypt The women artisans made: PERFUME, Beaded clothing, BEADED CLOTHING, AND WOVEN FABRICS The Artisans are the 4th on the social class pyramid Can you guess who these people are???? Most of the Artisans were MEN Some kinds of Artisans are: CARPENTERS, JEWELERS, LEATHER WORKERS, METAL WORKERS, PAINTERS, POTTERS, SCULPTERS, And WEAVERS Artisans RARELY got respect. The only ones that did got CHOSEN to be honored for their work :( Painters made SCENES FROM DAILY LIFE. Out of all the Artisans the STONE CARVERS were the most skilled They made STATUES, ENGRAVINGS, RELIEFS, TOMBS And MONUMENTS The Stone Carvers used dolerites to pound out object's initial shape Carvers used granite and also dolerites In shortages of food Artisans were left hungry Artisans houses were the most modest. They were rectangular, 10 yards long,3 rooms, Workrooms or to house animals, bedroom, roof, was used for working or sleeping. Thanks for watching and now for JEOPARDY!!!!!
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