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shifa ahmad

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Wendat

The Wendat! By: Shifa, Maryam, Hamza, and Amin! Hope YOU ALL enjoy!! Keep going! Keep going! That's a person looking
for some food! What Clothing did they wear? The men in the Wendat tribe wore lioncloths made from deer and beaver skin. The women wore almost the same thing as men except with skirts instead of the lioncloths. Kids wore the same thing as their own gender wore. Babies were carried in a cradle boards filled with soft warm down from bull rush. Clothing Of Wendat Shelter The Wendat lived in longhouses. Longhouses were made of cedar slabs tied together on an arching wooden frame. A fire would be placed between two families living on opposite sides of the longhouse. There was a raised platform, which the people would sleep on. Bearskins were used as blankets. There was also a storage room at one end where preserved corn could be hung. (See, I told you they love corn!) During one period in history when they were at war, the Wendat built palisades (fences made of spikes) around their villages of longhouses to protect them. Food Wendat people ate a variety of food. The environment and farming provided the Wendat with wild food farm fields were not like farm fields today. Wendat women planted between the stumps. Long sticks with sharp stones or animal bones were used like hoes. It broke up the soil and helped the plants grow. Farming was hard work. Women weeded the fields and kept animals away that would eat their food. Wendat people grew corn, beans and squash. Women were very important in Wendat life because they did all the farming.Corn was very important. An entire fish would be put into the soup. Women would cook it then take the fish out. They would mash the fish into a paste then put it back in the soup. Vegetables were also dried in the autumn and eaten through the winter time. Wendat people had to work very hard to gather enough food for the winter. If they did not they could starve. Wendat people also gathered wild berries and other food from the environment. At certain times of year certain berries ripen in the wild. Raspberries, blueberries, and others were collected by women and children. They also gathered wild roots, mushrooms and seeds to eat. A lot of food can be gathered from the wild if you know what to look for. In the spring the men and women would collect maple sap from maple trees. This was boiled to make maple syrup. Shelter Food This is a long house What did they Celebrate? The Wendat people cared a lot about their nature , they even had celebrations for nature! they celebrated when the maple sap began to flow, Plus, they celebrated with festivals when each plant grew, and everyday they taught their children to greet the new day with a prayer of thanks, and they always gave thanks for ancestors and all the living creatures they had. What types of items were used in Celebrations and Ceremonies? In the Wendat, People used a small buliding for special occasions, They used lots of stones during ceremonies and celebrations, In Wedding Ceremonies, The Groom had to give the bride Shells, Furs and other nature things for wedding ceremonies, when the wedding ceremony starts the bride`s mom puts a headband on her head for wisdom. Another part of Traditions What types of ceremonies were there? There were lots of ceremonies in the Wendat here is a list. • Wedding Ceremonies
• Feast of the dead
• Harvesting
• Maple Sap
• Celebrated when the stars showed up (They didn`t show up often.)
• Midwinter Ceremonies
• Burial Ceremonies Ceremonies Politics They had chiefs in every village each clan had 2 chiefs ; civil chiefs and war chiefs. There were 8 clans; wolf, bear, deer, beaver, turtle, hawk, porcupine, and snake. Women would meet together to talk about concerns and recommended to the clan mom. Men also meet to talk about concerns and recommended but they talk to the chief instead. HAY YOU ya You the person reding this look at that video!! Thanks For watching our prize!!! Have a nice rest of the day!! Bye now. Why are you still here no seriously why are you still here??.
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