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Negotiation Skills

Improve Your Negotiation Skills As a Freelancer

ioana radoi

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Negotiation Skills

CLIENT Agency Direct Client MARKET ME Strengths Opportunities Threats Weaknesses GOALS STRATEGY Short - Medium - Long Term Strategic Analysis How does it work
Current situation
Prospects Know yourself
Communicating How other people see you Qualities
Oral / Written communication
First impression
Personality MARKET: SWOT trengths eaknesses pportunities hreats Grow, develop business
Driving force GOALS: Negotiation Requires strategic vision At each step, we are determining the future Determins each relationship
Difficult to go back

Competitive market
Many providers

We also have power
Negotiate may help reach goals
Know where you are heading Stakeholders STRATEGY: Rationale to support decisions
Take actions NOT a synonym for conflict Requires preparation Establish a Plan Organize ideas
Build a rationale
Relax and focus on goals
More confident
Strong/sound/coherent arguments
Greater impact
Better outcome
Preserve information for future use Clear, precise goals Choose the channel Phone
Face to face Strong arguments Use the SWOT:
Support your position
Foundation for demands
Strengthen your convictions
Feel more confident
Serve your goals List your arguments and imagine reply

Feel and sound more confident
Don't use all your cards at once
Plan your moves, like in chess! PHONE: Write a script Important exchange of information Message / image
Support argumentation
Not too much information Negotiation Guide Information useful to strategic analysis
Increase knowledge about the client
Gain information about market and trends What do you want? Select the information you want to share Think about what you would like to know E-mail Write carefully
No rush
Take into account absence of tone
Clear, short
Proposal + argument
Never problems, always solutions! Volume of work
Personal contact
Strategy How will it serve your medium / long term goals? What are you prepared to give up on? (prioritize) Negotiation is vital We are small buisnesses
Selling services
Dealing with business people
Competitive market
No pre-determined rules
Negotiate to develop business Defines collaboration
Exchange information Constructive, not destructive Roadmap to achieve your goals Your personality
Your client's profile
The situation
Your goal Face to face Personal relationships
Very exposed S W O T Ioana Radoi
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