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The League of Nations

Paper 1 Topic revision for the League of Nations.

Mr Eccles

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of The League of Nations

The League of Nations
Make the
world a
The Council
8 Countries with 4 Permenent members (GB, F, It & Jp) each with a VETO.
* That's the power to cancel any law or ruling that country doesn't agree with. It meant it was hard to reach a decision!
Imagine they are like the senior leadership team of the school!
The Assembly
Every country in the league
met once a year but decisions had to be uniamous.
This would be like trying to get all the teachers in the school to agree on 1 thing - Not impossible but difficult!
The Secretariat
This department kept records and prepared reports. Its staff had to multi-lingual.
Think of this as the school office that sorts out the typing and photocopying and organises everything.
The International Court
This was intended to settle disputes peacefully and was made up of top judges.
Imagine they are the Heads of House to sort out problems!
The simple answer is H E R M E M
H - Hearing
E - Enquiry
R - Ruling
M - Moral Pressure
E - Economic Sanctions
M - Military Intervention
"Woah sounds complicated!"
Let simplify using the examples from before...
1. So Rowie and Jessica get into a fist-fight on the yard...so what next...
2. The council has a hearing and both Rowie & Jessica give their side of the story...
That's the HEARING!
3. So the council dispatch Head Girl Rebecca to talk to the witnesses...
4. She reports back and the council make a decision..."Jessica you must apologise"...
5. Jessica refuses to apologise so the council tell her how disappointed in her they are...
6. That's not gonna cut it so they tell her..."no lunch until you apologise!"...
7. Still not giving in they are left with no other option...Mr Connolly will punch Jessica until she apologises...
That's the
There is the RULING
MORAL PRESSURE...see what I did there?
SANCTIONS - In this case food.
These commissions were designed to help people. From freeing slaves to fighting disease.
Special Commisions
To continue the analogy these then would be visitors to the school to help you out like connexions or enterprise.
So good aims... why so pants?
Key weaknesses
NO USA !!!!
Big and cumbersome organisation...just look!
Never follows through with their rulings!
Got it? Okay...
Imagine these as the Head and Deputies - they make all the important decisions.
Find this at
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