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minecraft is awesome

No description

mackenzie year 5

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of minecraft is awesome

Minecraft Minecraft is a game where you can build pickaxes, houses, hoes, axes and build armour. The aim of the game is to build a house and survive.The other part of the game is to kill the enemies which are Zombies, Creepers, Zombie pigmen, Endermen, Blaze and ghast. There are 2 famous players called Notch and Herobrine.
The way to get a pickaxe ore axe, hoe and armour.You get it by making a crafting table witch is 4 wood. The crafting table is a better way of crafting the smaller way of crafting is, in your in your inventory you have small craft witch is the way of building a crafting table. Minecraft also has a Xbox version witch is nearly a good as the computer version. On the computer version
you can use spawners witch you can only get them on Creative mode, thay spawn the enimes and animals and together the enimes and animals are called Mobs.

when you have got diamonds you can get a inchantment table witch is like a crafting table but with swords you can enchant with your level points Minecraft by Mackenzie on minecraft there are many people who make youtube videos on how to cheat, and how to build good houses.
Those people are called......!!!!!!!!!!

1.sky dose minecraft
3.cpt sparkles
4.The greatist Ant venom
5.True M.U.

theise are the maine ones.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the mobs\enimies creeper when you kill it it will drop
diamite enderman
when you kill it it will
drop eye of ender that when you chuck
it will take you to the end another dimension. ghast it will shoot fire ball at you
witch explode this will also drop
gunpowder\dianimite. slimes\minislimes. heres a picture of slimes and mini slimes minislimes. Normal slimes if you slay them they turn into 2 mini slimes thay drop slime balls witch is used for sticky pistons. ender dragon the ender dragon is the main enemy the boss
it has alot of health. It drops variouse items. zombie thay are the most comon enemy there
weak and they berely have any health
they drop rotten flesh. zombie pig men they are foundm in the never
(another dimension.They do the same as normal zombies. spider they are also common
powerfull but done,t have much
health. In caves there caled cave
spider theren double health and
power to normal spiders!!. minecraft food all the food you can
cook in a furnice to make them more
nice and healthy forr your avatar like fish
if you put it in a furnise it turnes ino a cooked fish.
But apples can,t you have to mine gold
and make a golden apple witch the picture shows.! good bye miners
beat the enderdragon hope you injoyed and beat herobrine. YOU BETTER!!!!!!.
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