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Copy of The Influence of Social Media on Governance

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Otro vato loko 31416/10000

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Influence of Social Media on Governance

So what should be government startegy? Reactive or proactive?
for impact
Harsha de Silva, MP
Facebook and YouTube.
To what extent are they challenges and opportunities for governments?
It depends on how open and transparent a government is and wants to be, and its experiences!
Case of
Sri Lanka
Grandpass incident
Unedited and undialuted YouTube video posted on facebook
In this case...
different approach to that of the previous week
Coming to terms with the power of facebook and YouTube?
Attitude is important!
Opportunity in a real sense not
forced accountability
where 'RTI' does not exist
Past > No strategy
Present > Reluctantly passive, tolerant...
Will it become
enthusiastically active?
RTI is a fundamental pillar of a modern democracy
Past action is questionable
UK Treasury
The Spending Challenge
on Democracy UK on Facebook "to harness civic spirit where people want to take control"
Continuous engagement
In Singapore...
It also depends on how much they are willing to learn
Are facebook, Youtube and other social media outlets giving citizens RTI?
Multiple citizen-journalist discussion sites
> Groundviews
> Colombo Telegraph
What about Sri Lanka?
SJKMC; no e-presence
Last audited accounts for 2009
, nothing for 2010, 2011, 2012
Last audit;
no opinion possible
, not even a qualified one
> No vouchers to support LKR 579m expenditure!
Multiple cases of corruption
No platform for public interaction
CMC; has website, some information, but no financial information
Real? Fake?
For the sake of having one?
What should government do?
Mainstream social media platforms in policy making
as tools to gather information
to prioritize alternatives
to pilot possible variations
for feedback and discussion
to improve policy
Facebook and Youtube must
not be seen as obstacles
that are tolerated
must integrate
Better alingned, more efficient and cost effective public services
Improved net social benefits of public policy
to harness the power of social media
SEARCC International Conference, Colombo, Sri Lanka, August 14, 2013
A local perspective, without prejudice!
Thank you.
Harsha de Silva, MP
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